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Survivor. How was Rick Devon's? When you spoke with him. I I love RIC Devon's I think I'm I'm happy in thrilled with the existence of the edge of extinction. Nope. But am I happy and thrilled for Rick Devon's to be the person who benefits from the edge of extinction? Even if it doesn't benefit my draft from last week. Sure. Of course, I think he's a he's a super nice guy. Very smart guy. Funny guy, and I'm happy to have more of him on my television screen and beyond that, obviously he's elated to be. Back in the mixture on survivor, and I think a really compelling person to talk to at this point in the season because he is somebody who has a foot on both sides of the line of the twist he has spent you know, he's logged several days on the edge of extinction. And he's logged several days in the game. Both in the early part of the game. And now here he is in the merge, and in a very compelling positions strategically within the merge where everything that somehow melted down with the less the less who five bringing him over to the comic side of the aisle. So he was great to talk to. I think that if you're if you're trying to piece together some of the at times confusing narrative of this season. I think that reading what Rick had to say, hopefully, we'll help you out at definitely helped clarify some things for me. Okay. So in your interview with Rick I did get a chance to read it today in the for me, it actually the opposite effect that I was feeling like over the weekend that maybe I was starting to get. At some clarity on how this vote went down. And then reading what Rick had to say, then went back to muddying the waters for me. And I'm just as confused as ever, but so just to give the back story on this. So there was a lot of chatter over the weekend on read and on social media about sort of the sound bite of Kelly Wentworth from the episode the one where she's talking about how she did not want to see Devon's out of anybody come back from the edge of extinction. And then in a secret seen that she says, oh, hell, no. But she's talking about overall just the idea of the returnees coming back and she posted on Twitter hashtag receipts. So she seemed to be disputing the way that the episode was presented which sort of got me thinking. Okay. Well, why is Kelly annoyed about this? And I had sort of the theory of that maybe deductions strike. I was it. The hunt solo Griego of it all where was Kelly annoyed that maybe Devon's came back from the edge that I don't want any part of working with my original tribe. Julie came comes and talks to him. And maybe he's on board. Hey, I want to vote out Wentworth. And so then went worth as a self preservation move. Maybe it's like, okay..

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