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Telling a big crowd in New York that it's time for women in the world to set the agenda. The remarks report of her keynote speech Wednesday night at the tenth annual women in the world summit in New York City's Lincoln center, the event features speeches and panel discussions that address the central question can women save the world Winfrey's responses that women have been doing exactly that for so many years already. She says women should continue to. Quote, rock the boat and redefine the message that's positive ambitious inclusive in quote brimming with hope it was also announced that Oprah. And Britain's Prince Harry are creating a documentary series on mental health for Apple's new streaming service. A golden Porsche has been ordered off the road in Germany for being too shiny humbugs Morgenpost reported the thirty one year old driver was stopped in the city last week and told his Porsche Panera with a reflective. Gold foil finish mon- blind other drivers he was told to remove the foil and reregister the calm, but police say he continued to drive it. He was stopped again on Wednesday and police took his keys papers and licensed place before the vehicle was towed to Gary he was fined an unspecified amounts, and we'll have to remove the foil to make the cost street legal again, the newly pictured supermassive black hole doesn't have an official name yet. And what happens next could be cosmic Lee confusing. The team of astronomers who created the image of the black hole called MED seven. But the international group in charge of handing out astronomical names has never named a black hole. The international astronaut Michael union usually takes care of name. Games. But only four stuff inside our solar system and stars outside. It the last time there was a similar situation. Poor Pluto somehow got demoted to a dwarf planet leading to public outcry. A radio news. I check it. When the department of homeland security says despite tweets by President Trump, it won't be sending immigrants to.

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