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Be a major fire season. NPR's Nathan Rott reports. The Forest Service new chief will be the first African American to lead the agency. Randy Moore will take over as chief of the Forest Service next month, replacing current but retiring chief Vicky Christiansen. More is a career forest service employed and is currently the regional forester in an area that includes California, a state that's been walloped by wildfires year after year after year. Much of the U. S. Forest Service's budget now goes to fighting wildfires every year, which is sidelined other needed work, including efforts to lower fire risk. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says more will be taking charge at a critical time. Much of the West is parched and sweltering. Under record heat. Nathan Rott NPR news on Wall Street, the Dow was down 150 points to 34,000 to 83. The NASDAQ closed up 140 points today. You're listening to NPR. This is W. N. Y. C. In New York. I'm Lance Lucky, New Jersey is altering its approach to transgender prisoners mandating that they must be housed based on their gender identity. Not the gender. They were assigned at birth. W. N. Y. C is Matt Katz reports. The new policy is part of a settlement agreement with the value of New Jersey, which represents a transgender woman who spent a year and a half incarcerated in four men's prisons. Settlement includes other protections for those in prison who are transgender, intersex or non binary, including a requirement that staff use appropriate pronouns, a guarantee the gender appropriate undergarments are provided and a prohibition on pat down searches of transgender women by male officers. The state Department of Corrections characterized the new policies as part of a cultural change in state prisons, according to the A C L U ONLY A few other states have similar policies. Democratic turnout. Democratic voter turnout was up in New York City's June primary compared to the last competitive primary elections in 2013. But an analysis by the website the city shows voter participation varied by neighborhood. Here's reporter and Choi. Neighborhoods that were hard hit by Covid, such as parts of the Bronx, southeast Queens and Corona, Queens, had a relatively low turnout. Meanwhile, residents in Long Island City, Astoria and central Brooklyn were more likely to show up at the polls. Voting rights advocates say automatic voter registration and permanent absentee voting We're all would make it easier for people to cast their ballots. Election officials plan to update the primary results based on voters ranked choices by the end of the day tomorrow. The Heat advisory remains in effect tomorrow and Wednesday highs around 95. Heat index around 100. Support for NPR comes from the George Lucas Educational Foundation, creator of Ed Utopia for 30 years committed to advancing educational innovations and research that improves pre K to 12 learning more at utopia dot org. Whatever your summer. Plans include sun and sand at the shore, jogging in the park or just hanging out at home. W N Y C will be there for you..

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