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Any of those ben trump's got nothing to worry about any ought to move on and just be president do his job not go crazy or will muller and of fire muller and exploring whether it can pardon himself in his children a as a lot of stuff that is way i heard around the way he's reacting to those by and uh i read everything i can get my met saw and i i know trump of known trump i first batum july four maintain eighty three at meetings with them i interviewed him for news facts tv five years ago well i've been around trump oba and what to oil it's been said about trump job is that that he and this is just what's been reported i i not browsing either way poor that after he got into financial trouble in atlantic city couldn't borrow money any more from american faction was credit rating was bad and he started borrowing money from russian bags and that he got in what these russians let's just 25 years ago story in the early 90s and he's been in will ever sense as business partners and the line i always users if you live down with russian dogs you're gonna get up with russian leaves and he's got a watt russian lease on an and the question is have these fleas in any way been used to help the campaign influence ham has put activated these pleased to exert any pressure any blackmail on trump we don't know any of those of whitest investigations along going well we certainly don't know any of that obviously a again uh in the era of stalin it could be safely said that anything that you dealt with with the russians you were dealing with the kremlin uh in this day and age of what amounts to was essentially uh o wild west full contact capitalism mobs two capitalism over there in which certainly uh vladimir putin is an authoritarian figure but i'm not sure that he's necessarily one its in charge of of everything certainly not to the extent of his hero joe stalin so i'm not sure that russian connections per se necessarily mean that uh trump uh the putin has them uh by the short ones where now we don't know and i think that's why this investigation by mowers going on if there's nothing there trump has nothing to worry about more.

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