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On Nice Loa loa tastes in that the towards electro aspect of the episode awesome with with him he did have a little bit of spurs on both sides in a cup cake tastes so when she was quite interested in eh but we're not did is first dental probably band. It months to ease ago it was severely omb as Ted a spurring piling the Take the tongue it was that bag bed and he'd lost a heap of white so I pretty stoic camel so on backs and a bit like some tale price basis guinea-pigs attend to put up with dental disease for pay period of time but yeah he's still doing well and is is is he's a he's a good he's a good a good fella and expect tall same back in another expensive size so that was one of the one of the cases are so today. AMAC and the other one interestingly Lina was a was a guinea pig which took an eye out so I- blighted one of the is it had had swelling referral swelling under one I that ended up the I became nonfunctional in also sided in very painful and I think today are knocked out to a blight that I and I tracked down a does have dental diseases well this one and it had a big ulceration an abscess that the back of this right on the same side display that I so I'm old. Our couldn't find a track that would lead to the obsess underneath. I stay low Riley. originally developed tossing was related to the Tinto disease so that Guinea pigs are discharged the last patient patient today and it was it was it was diepen. Specht pretty quickly some of these animals after I applied but my big worry with that one stint Toyota's Oh disease and as she identified as as Guinea Pigs can be oncoming absolutely not may aside didn't paint a great pitcher for the Client Tayfun I. We've we've provided God made it relief from the pine from that really horrible horrible angry. I was to interest in some cases. What about yourself. Both we were just doing a bit of a circuit of the local blood spots just trying to catch up while I've being away I I'll I'll read some old friends that I've missed Brendan and so there's an awesome prime minister I chat around the lake and the couple of as you kingfisher's is who very frequently coming pretty close to borrow the bank where I where pox I just touching base with a few who a few old I-i-in mites through today sands perfect sense relaxing now you you are going to jump into into the first news story and it's about who it is about phut end and it's about tom well. I'm always is interested in parasites must admit that when I first became a veterinary professional probably auto infectious disease internal medicine always you're not gonNA chew it every one of those complicated cases but I actually find that I do an awful lot of looking down the microscope at the faecal samples particularly of birds of many other species as well and August long considerable pleasure out of identifying all sorts of things in samples but most especially on wise came to to come across a You know parasites which you know help me solve the animals problem on a sort of most obvious and easy level. I'm about this particular case is he's a has been published in the Guardian. It's the old list parasite DNA yet record and it was found in some prehistoric human stools so fossilized on knee fossilized. I animal droppings are referred to his Co.. Pilots and these pilots found in the southern Andes which I belong to tamers aged at seventeen thousand years ago that they were deposited in the rocks of the southern Andes and that long long before humans are if it got to that part of the world then towards the end of the last ausage I believe and this compact nal and nobly specimen which the oath is lacking in appearance to the root of to a piece of root out of Jinja is a fossilized semi fossilized pace of Puma droppings and it contains is the oldest DNA the oldest parasite DNA. That's yet in discovered the some supposedly surprising rising as long as there's going to have been prejudicing history spectacle of parasites as long as they've been animals. I expect expect little have been parasites of one sort or another but the finding not only confirms that humor's family from the family we have feelings were prowling around the Andes. at the end of the lost are excited about it confirms that they were infested with roundworms so that so you know. I don't know whether they would have actually done fecal float on this. Britain and I think it's probably just been tawny sample. That's been stuck into one of those deny the the tests that Thome Tamed twenty bit of stuff in life on the markets. That's the White House looking for this series of letters gay so so yeah that's a the oldest a piece of Poo from seventy thousand years ago and DNA from I think they even suggest jazz. The time report that the size found eggs that they've rehydrated and save the completely destroying it now they've managed to pick out parasad eggs which were oversaw in shape suggested they were from talks. Curse Lena which stealing infests animals today in the authentification was backed up by the United Rentals. That's right this amazing now. Do you have a cupper light collection at high. Mac died at the moment but I can see that as well as some trying to find some of those. What was the meteorites and or twenty you know the the do need to start begin collection of fossil as animal droppings yes and it reminds me of one of a early episodes shortly? Jernaeus supposed- mine mine topic of discussion market and that that I think this particular article was sentenced by one of entries for our competition. I just off just forgotten that is i. Thank you very much whoever that was your name is in the head for the for the prize draw for next week so my story markets it's well as you can save from the headline for this one. Mark was was perfect for me utterly unreal unreal chaos to help train veg students and I enjoyed this because of the the silly pans in the article but aside because it is at the university the city of Queensland where I could find Bob Donnelly is mark so the university Queensland School of Veterinary Science now has a life sized assimilated cow and calf mark that they using for veterinary students learning experience that the Caton campus they care on the Caliph affect replication to help students essential practical stills have skills and I have a couple of pitchers air in it is indeed. I live saw his this famous bovine them. I am where the opposition I can do everything from pretend what looks on the students is milking the cow. Ab and and doing right tolls on it and I presume that can lend a bit of obstetrical maneuvers area and I've called the county. Did you know about this nine Noriko. Oh I'm I've called the cow Mrs O'Leary because the cow came from the US I expect because where this this particular cows in in in Queensland here in Australia but I've called a cab misses Mrs Leery in the CAF Chatelaine Mukhin or mu for short after two history-making cares from the US SI- missile leary according to the article is the famous care of Catherine. Our leary blamed for Kohl's in the Chicago fire in eighteen seventy one after kicking relented tune in her stable and while the five did start in the leary's by investigators never determine the tree calls fire and it was later revealed that the Kastoria was fake news Mike. You'd love this made up a journalist so the Dr John Reid who was given the honour of night naming the model Kale said I'm hoping this missile leary will be just as famous now but for the right reasons helping students thrive and len critical new skills and the calf which denied Charlene Mukin Omay Oh may for short has been named after fugitive care that game to fame in two thousand and two when she left Ivory Fence at an abattoir in Cincinnati in the US and spent delivered is on the Rod was ran it up and and killed nutshells random arrested is on a farm cy there we go so this is a Holstein cow calf simulate a model mark can doesn't mention how much it costs because it's just amazing acing now. Your son is in what is first year second year especially Second Human Med these they simulate a bottles of various medical facing medical procedures are incredibly expensive usually. I it's amazing how much nights mccreath heading my mind when I read this. The the simulation county had visions of you know a a Hologram type arrangement the chill reality glasses or something like that they say is I will state of the art Canadian Holstein Breed Muddle Kale all potassium. It's a very well. It's much more physical unreal than the the virtual reality ones or holographic ones that I was was imagining yes. It's impressive so I want to ah guy on just under a search issue chatting into looking up kopf distinct models and yeah interesting yeah yeah. I'm going to be careful here. That doesn't say same websites bad pretend human models and fees in various. I'm saying exist never said something that before okay right so we might move on from that audio guy. Yes I reckon they might have got some key model from does a company company called Veterinary Simulator Industries Mike they're supposed to me that's designed and manufactured in in Canada so maybe it is from he definitely article kid is way soy was the supply. I think they got it from. He is so it dislocated to strike your calf motto and it's fully articulated skeleton with Vertebra Pelvis and Spine Realistic Movement Immune for Braids Sheriff in Holstein Black and Red Angus and custom braids MAC available at additional cost side the guy so I appreciate it's part of this company produce. Patrice a daily guy and it's a one of the got horrific dystopia simulator and one of the other products to win this law as we record he is which is a bit sad the captive bolt gun training model side on. I've got to be disturbing this market. It has a realistic looking models of the heads of particular animals with a big hole in the middle of the forest which is shiny way to put the captive spoken as much as it's unpleasant. It's good that it's doing it properly and the good thing is that ignites you know when you know in the.

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