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That quote on yesterday showed dots the most insane sentence that i have already in football. I choose the player. We're going to kick the penalty. Never work like that would never work that. If i'm a greenish character. And i know i'm one hundred million poem player eventually talking i'm going in mindset shipper talent experienced. I think i'm listen. Forget nineteen year old. I'm going to take that responsibility. I agree with you jack. Relish would been more ready than soccer or essential. Roy came with similar sentiments. Saying if you'll sterling greeley's you cannot sit there and watch your. Kate woke up ahead of you. You cons jack. Greenish responding to that quote. Saying i said. I wanted to take one. The gaffer is made so many right decisions through this tournament and he did tonight. But i won't have people say that. I didn't want to take piano when i said i will. Let's welcome in showy native annuity to the show native. What do you make it at all. Sorry one second needs to show support martini. An england interesting interesting. Listen to the show. Yesterday there was some takes which you guys delivering. And i don't fully agree with everything that's being said because i understand the process which they use because i was paused that same sort formula when i was playing under twenty one thousand two thousand and and there are place who wants to take penalties but as far as it goes what they do in training even though you can't replicate that big moment fast of those matter and i think for those england players the ones who stepped forward they would understand why somebody is going ahead of them will why the orders how it was because they seen those people step up and stripe penalties. It's the same so of argument where say someone funny might step up to take a free kick from twenty yards from the outside we look and say why is this guy taken. It will reasons taken is because this is what they've practiced. This is what they've seen so it makes sense to them. And you know once once you lose a penalty shootout you analyze everything but for me the is might look at the penalty shootout. Sorry jordan pickford save the same penalties as donna rumor but because england missed missed. One more. everything's wrong with england. Everything's great for italy. And not something i don't really buy into. Stevie was your take on regarding the way in which the penalties were set up in the fight. You've got soccer. A young sir in his debut tournaments taking that fifth penalty. I have absolutely no problem with him. Taking the penalty at all none whatsoever. I do have a problem taking the first one. If it was my choice. I would have him going either foster second right because it ended a day. He's standing there thinking about this for fifteen minutes and he's he's a teenager and he's inexperienced so that's the only thing i've got no problem with. Take it but it should've taken ella. Should've taken it false. Hurricane and maguire should have been the one taken the taken. The death penalty no question. What about the argument jack. Greeley should've taken one ahead of soccer. Well well to needham's point why not grill getting asaka because is probably stop. Ten away in trenton. And said i wanted to take a penalty. I'm going to school. So you're going to run the day of and see or jack greeley. She's more experienced now. Jack vilis has taken five pounds in training and four of them but because he's more expedience. Let's make john the penalty. Why would you do that. Makes no sense ida. The kid was confident of golden from spot. And that's why. I have a problem ticket but not a number five. That's the only problem. Is the point. I think the point. She's not if somebody should have taken the penalty of somebody. Else is the point that gary southgate tells us that decide who's going to shoot owes not gonna shoot so it's nice as greece shoe gonna do no. No but i'm saying let me finish jaggery said okay. I'm marie to shoot. Don't shoot okay. Why we don't have the answer that the fifa who shot where ready to shoot him show on the doesn't say that because otherwise you would say you know what decide but they will you shoot it. The union say that six people say i'm taking it who decides who the fiber so then the coach. Tony saying he's saying i choose to shot. It was gonna shoot on not for me. I hear if you don't agree in many don't want to shoot you shoot. It does what i hear. That's the same story. If sakasi our shoot. I have no problem but it's not what i hear. I hear that some players we're forced to should or the way the reason to say. I decided we should saw frank not causing the world's going to see by the way you what he's twenty said. Who's very spoken to and i've done that my sale of us every single one. Do you wanna take one or you know it. Sure that's the question right. Exactly you either get all well one. It's either yes or if you want and then the coach cakes cd and then judging by what you've done in practice it's totally agree with you. But i don't regret any word of what i say yesterday. When i heard garry southgate the post conference a press conference after the game he said i decide who is the ticker when you say that immense. Even if they don't want they go for it. Otherwise what the point to say that. I think it's a little bit of semantics there frank. I think what he's saying is essentially taking the responsibility away from the players and look. I made the choices. This is not about players that didn't want to take a penalty and allow the nineteen year olds to take a penalty. I made the choice as to who was going to be in the order. Because of what i've served in training but you think that there is no arguments in on the original discussion. So why roy can you saying that. Why is that. it shouldn't be a nineteen year old. No experience. I go stevie. I don't have any problem than saka if he wanted to shoot. The penalty goes for. It has never taken a penalty in his life. More time to do it when you have rain turning has been in the penalty shootout short. So it means that grass gary cells. Get something to do with the takers. That each chose between soccer and british. Yeah and he's saying that's what he's saying is native yes so sorry to jump in like do some great points being made there and i think frank is the case of semantics like southgate has decided what the order would be from one through to eleven. He hasn't decided somebody won't take a penalty. Because if you're on the field there's a chance to take the penalty but vise the best lineup of players..

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