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Nicely done musical maestro brian. Kelly widened by this now. This song embedded in my head as an advertisement. What is it for new washing machine or some sort of washing machine product. I don't know. But yeah asking the question and i don't think the answer comes as any surprise to any of us do those vaccines or did those vaccine lotteries move the needle when it came to that carrot versus stick approach to people getting vaccinated. Sm fifty two now. Northern colorado's voice one or three one thirteen ten kfi mornings with gail from the auto collision specialist studios well See denver professor. According to a piece by nate lynn. Jennifer souls out of Nine news at nineteen count them. Nineteen vaccine lotteries across the country including colorado's and found that none of them made any impact whatsoever on vaccination rates. So did they work. Well yeah for those who won the money but for the rest of the Unvaccinated out there now of course those who were vaccinated but for the unvaccinated. Not so much. Now yeah dr. Andrew freed season and socio professor of economics at cu denver working on this study along with other researchers one from bentley university and other from the university of oregon and another from san diego state university but dr and said there was no significant association found between cash drawing announcement and the number of vaccinations administered after the announcement date. He said that small guaranteed cash payments might have been more effective than giving people a very teeny tiny miniscule chance of winning a large amount of money. He went on to say another possibility is that we're dealing with a population or a subset of the population that has some prateep firmly entrench beliefs about that scenes and until you can change those beliefs. Any amount of cash is unlikely to change their behavior. Now after colorado's lottery failed to make an impact a governor jared. Police clean prevented a shopper. Off in the vaccination rate but free. It's an breeds and said that wasn't the case what's happening. He said is that states that have lotteries and states. that don't have lotteries are on the same trend beforehand. Then after the lotteries announced. Guess what they stay on that same trend so the lottery had been affected if you would have seen the states that announced lotteries have better vaccination rates and if colorado was about to go off a cliff with regard to vaccinations. Then you would have seen the states. That don't have lotteries also go off a cliff unless there's something very very special and very different about colorado. Well i think we can all concede the point there is something very special indifferent about colorado but not when it comes to money moving the needle for those hoops who don't want to get the cova. Nine thousand nine hundred vaccine fruits and call the tactic of big swing and said that while the lotteries did generate a lot of buzz. They certainly did. They didn't generate a lot of vaccinations. Don't try to incentivize people to get shots with a lottery. He said come up with something new. I love the energy. I love the big swings just to take a different one by firing back. A spokesperson for governor polish said in an emailed statement that the governor's overall fats to increase vaccination rates have been effective and claimed there would probably be other studies in the future that would.

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