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Twenty the moon and Mars and Sagittarius Square Venus and Neptune. Find your own definition of abundance. You have never been married. Eight to the status quo. This is Scorpio today. Apar- caster original. Let's begin begin your day. The Moon and Mars moved through your house of assets signaling an opportunity to be a little thrifty and with the sun and Aquarius in your house. Foundations financial and emotional security will feel especially important. If you feel like you're on shaky ground around it will be difficult to thrive look for ways of prioritizing your wellbeing and creating your own safety net now take a moment to reflect on your relationships family matters will be close to the heart today no matter the distance between you and your loved ones now is an ideal time to acknowledge the patterns. You inherited from your parents. oftentimes we internalize their their fears and idiosyncratic these along with their good looks by recognizing this we make these habits easier to discard. Let go of what no longer serve you and make more room for the familial traits. You cherish consider the work you do and your career your tenacity and relentless work ethic admirable Scorpio and is Mars moves through your house of income. You could be on a mission that really turns heads. Just remember to come up for air every now and again the more you work the more your returns diminish you need to take breaks.

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