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ABC News. Good Afternoon. I'm Susie Rains. The Victorian opposition has described the government's plans for dedicated quarantine facility on Melbourne's northern outskirts as a hoax. Government has chosen a sighted mikell, um next, when existing animal quarantine facility the acting Premier James Molino says it will cost $15 million to get the site ready for construction, and it's subject to federal government approval and funding. Opposition leader Michael O'Brien says the government isn't doing its job. The government pretended to make an announcement. Attended to make a decision leading by the decision to rule the any decision is to ask Amber to do all the heavy lifting. Well, that's not that's not responsibility. That's just asking someone else to do you enjoy. Australian Tourism Industry Council is requesting hospitality and tourism workers be given priority access to the covert 19 vaccination. The council says it wants workers in that sector to be placed in phase one b of the vaccine rollout. Giving them access to the Jed Now executive director Simon West Away, says it would protect a group of workers that deals with large numbers of members of the public. We'll put that asking to the government, but It's more just to make them aware that this is a take over If you want to get this Mr Copies of Economy movie again that it will be useful to have these workers vaccinated sooner rather than later. The public sector union says the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is not moving quickly enough to vaccinate star from covert. 19 Theo BC has been told a total of 132 people in overseas posts, which includes both diplomats and their family members. Of court Covert 19. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the department has now begun a vaccination program and aims to provide a jab to ALS staff around the world before the end of the year. But CPS use, Beth Vincent Peach says that's taken too long. It was slow. It was slow to get off the ground on the inn use and information on what's going on, has also been staring. Our members have, um, rise the need for extra support. India has smashed another covert 19 record after almost 380,000 new infections were recorded. South Asia correspondent James Open reports foreign ideas flowing into India but the country is still in a scramble for supplies. The country's right of infection continues to accelerate, so too does the death toll with more than 3600 added to the telly. Health experts believe the real death toll to be much higher in part due to a lack of testing. It comes as a central government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He continued to face widespread backlash over the calamity. By smoke temporarily blocked the hashtag resigned. MODY, the company says that was an error, but social media posts have previously been removed due to government directives. Jen's out on ABC News Deli Shadow Treasure. Jim Chalmers says the federal government is yet to outline exactly how it plans to drive unemployment well below pre pandemic levels. Treasurer Josh Fried Enberg has today indicated an unemployment rate below 5% is the focus of the government's fiscal strategy. That hasn't been achieved in a decade with the current jobless right sitting at 5.6%. Mr Charmers says it's unclear how the government plans to achieve its ambitious plan The government does not have and has not announced today a credible plan to get there. Instead, we've got all of the usual marketing. All of the usual spin about jobs when the government's real record on jobs for eight long years now has been stagnant wages, underemployment and job security. The coroner's court has heard of 43 year old Melbourne executive died after being sent for a CT scan by her employer. Despite having no history of heart problems As Sarah Farnsworth reports, the woman had an allergic reaction during the scan and died from multiple organ failure. Peter Hickeys employer, a company called Programmed wanted its executives to have heart checks after a colleague suffered a cardiac arrest in 2018. Had general manager told the inquest. He knew doctors didn't repair people for scans unless they showed symptoms, but he wanted to find the best heart scan available and outsource the heart checks to the corporate sector. The court heard Miss Hickey had no history of heart problems was never assessed by a doctor on the referral for the scan used the Elektronik signature of a doctor with no medical knowledge off her. Miss Hickey had an anaphylactic reaction to a special dye used during the scan and died.

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