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But he knew her and i think i could have headed tech go round the some of the bars in the places she hung out at and see if anybody told me stories none of that justifies somebody killing her okay was just that she was the saint in a nurse and and she would go out and mentor all these people out of prison um a higher risk victims afraid and it would potentially for on the the pool of suspects yeah yeah abilities you're saying that that the risk of the backfiring unusual because you you would look like a jerk i wouldn't be able find anybody that said that she um you know fact that she had sex with people is not relevant i don't think i can even get that in because we have no proof that she was killed over sex either because she seemed to be having sex at the time and um so i am i i just don't think it was right i don't think it would work it's an understandable choice victims in criminal cases are dragged through the mud on a regular basis some move that often doesn't sit well with jurors but to get to the truth it sometimes necessary to wade through more controversial waters that doesn't mean passing judgment it just means that everything should be weighed in a murder case the coroner determined that retha had seamen from three different man inside of her when she died they discounted one donor as james becker who said he and retha were intimate the thursday he last saw her.

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