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Us to be to be competitive and to be a winning team and championship and it starts with the division. So. I like it even more. Makes it worse. The worse is not true line. When you finished in the basement, it's natural line. Listen while the Marlins technically we're in the basement, but I get what you're talking. Yeah. I mean, I've been there. I've lived at that puts tremendous pressure on your team, and the crazy part is he's the general manager. He's not even a cope to has in there with the day to day with the battle. And it happened to answer questions Corson's. Every picturing Mickey saying come get us. Yeah. See how baseball works affiliate signed all the good for you agents. Win the division. Okay. But devil's advocate here, right? The Phillies have talked big game this off season. What are they actually done? They've actually spent sorta stupid money on Andrew mccutchen because they did money that was stupid. That was stupid. It was too much and they signed Dave Robertson, and they traded first cigarroa. So they've had it. They've had an okay off season so far. But the fact that they've been linked to kimbrel to kaikal. The fact that Bob Nightingale of USA today said either Manny or Bryce will be on their roster opening day or both. I mean, well, I think they've nothing no pen to paper yet, though, we ever really seen anything, but I would say to Brody even if they don't sign all those guys extolling the Phillies are looking pretty good. I still think that I don't think there's a coming get us. I don't think that's having the effect that he is intending it to have like pumping up his own team. It's actually putting this massive bowls. He need to say that in a team meeting. He'll need to be saying that us because he knows is going to get tracked. And he has to understand how this thing works. He wanted to end the difference is between the Phillies. Yes, they haven't signed anyone. But they have ruled anyone out to a still hope is no hope for the Mets to get harbor is no hope for the Mets to get Machado. We know they're not even in the market for them. They're good right now. Too many outfielder Jeff McNeil's blocking Bryce Harper and Todd Frazier Jedi are gosh. Look, I understand you want Bryce Harper. We got camp Braxton. Okay. You're welcome. You remember last year? What was the last year when the Yankees got off stand? What was it? We have come forward Nimmo remember with Mojo now that didn't wanna trade. He didn't want to part with them on a tray. And that was that was sandy being somewhat facetious. These joke. We had.

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