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Lot of people don't know this but gold marija spinoff of the spinoff of the spinoff nitrates now i i don't i don't want to say that any griffey show was a spinoff of that's all the best but that's how they introduced them there is a great episode because daily tomba's productions of course produced the andy griffith show so they launched it during his show and there's there's a great bit of daily thomas gets caught speeding through mayberry in any is this tennis and they played it differently at the character changed because initially which can be in the is if kenneth slick character and you imagine seeing and is a slicker now andy new as they were collecting these cast for the andy griffith show any new knew had nots if people a jim neighbors and others handy knew he had to be the straight guy and i heard that dan not called up andy griffith instead do you need a deputy sheriff net okay because they don't know time for saarc than the of ideas that jim neighbors in human gupte the interaction between him and google gruber was there were cousins right well yeah powder nothing over america those in ongoing builtin throughout the show was whenever golmard would see indy it's a guber says hey hey they deliver and that would cooper would see andy delivers resumes i hate a cold and then of course who played guber george gouda zijiang that all the rest of his life with known with your exception you remember him on marrakesh he played that kerry koran now yeah yeah they brought it he replaced hawkeye oh yeah and then for a little good for george guber lindsay tarja lindsay but you made his whole career of the gruber with with but jim jim neighbors and then who would have known this guy had a voice like down and now you play that song earlier it's disputable to dream the impossible dream yep it's so funny that was the great bit that jim neighbors had was he talk like laos raise any serving let you know is if so funny i know i and i think you're with both.

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