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Georgia, Texas, Georgia Bulldogs discussed on Dave Ramsey


A twenty to seven lead over the Georgia BULLDOGS. Staple Ascii inside the IMG network studios. Happy new year everybody as we celebrate the beginning of the twenty nine thousand nineteen season and the longhorns in our first half recap were able to celebrate getting the ball first to begin the ballgame. Georgia won the opening coin toss day deferred to the second half challenging the Longhorn offense to get going in the early part of the contest. And as we know Texas ends up going ten plays and seventy five yards downfield bowl. Jordan Humphry with a nice third down catch setting up. Sam etlinger on the doorstep for the games. I score Xs quickly the line of scrimmage on first and goal. The Georgia to garland elegant the snap. Your wanted himself to the goal line. Touchdown Texas takes up. The log words take the opening kickoff in March seventy five yards wide at the BULLDOGS and on the board game opening school challenge except. By both Sam etlinger as well. As the Texas offense with ten thirty five to go in the first quarter longhorns with a seven nothing lead then on Georgia's opening possession. They go six place before Ponting jacomb Arte had a beautiful fifty three yard punt down to the Texas six. But the problem for him was his knee was down as he fielded the low snap. So instead of that fifty three yard punt Texas had the ball at the Georgia twenty-seven after the walls of fourteen yards longhorns were able to convert that into points. Cameron Dicker a thirty seven yard field goal giving the longhorns of ten nothing lead midway through the first quarter. Then after a Georgia three and our Kamara again having problems and eleven yard punt off the side of his foot to the fifty yard line. But this time Texas was unable to take advantage of it as they ended up putting it down to the Georgia. Ten on the second play of the ensuing drive de'andre swift ends up getting the carry any coughs it up second down and ten.

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Georgia, Texas, Georgia Bulldogs discussed on Dave Ramsey

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