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Julie Chen said her official goodbyes to her co host and to the audience of the talk on Tuesday one week after her husband former CBS CEO less moon vest lost his job over multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. ABC's? Linsey Davis has that story. I will miss you all very very much. This speculation is over Julie Chen making it official. Did she will not be returning to the talk? I need to spend more time at home with my husband and our young son. So I've decided to leave the talk the announcement played on a video. It comes a week after les Moonves says her husband and fourteen years was forced to resign as CEO of CBS after a dozen women came forward accusing him of sexual misconduct moon. Vez denies all. The allegations CBS is investigating when allegations first emerged in July Chen, defended her husband calling him a kind decent and moral human being I will stand by that statement. Today tomorrow forever last week Chen, ended CBS is big brother using her married. Name for the first time. I'm Julie Chen Moonves good night at the same time. Her co hosts on the talk tackling the scandal head on man has a problem, but some of them reduced to tears, and we thank you for eight years of deer friendship Chen saying goodbye with this message, and I know this show and the sisterhood. It stands for will live on for many, many many more years to come from the sisterhood to the brotherhood Chen's future. As the host of big brother is unknown right now. Her workers on that show say it seems she's kind of checked out since the allegations surfaced against her husband congress ramps up its battle against the opioid epidemic. The Senate has approved a Bill that dedicates billions of dollars to keep the deadly drugs out of the United States. ABC's alley Rogin reports it's become known as the crisis next door. But congress is one step closer to providing some much needed resources. And reforms to help fight the opioid epidemic. The Senate almost unanimously passing an eight billion dollar package that contains key initiatives like blocking overseas shipments of the deadly drug feno via the US postal service, a method that Senator Rob Portman of Ohio says is being especially abused by dealers in China right now, how easy is it to do that shockingly easy. We did a eighteen month investigation. We were able with undercover help from the homeland security department to find out what's really happening. And sadly, traffickers are saying if you send it through the post office, we can guarantee delivery, and this poison is killing more Americans than any other drug right now Portland's Bill would require the postal service. To flag information about a foreign package before it ships like from and what's inside FedEx and UPS already had such requirements. Some experts say this Bill doesn't go far enough in the congress should devote more money. Resources to long term recovery. Portman says that's the goal is not the end, you know, we're just getting started on something that is unprecedented. ABC's alley Rogan reporting. It's five twenty five time now for money news on KOA NewsRadio. This is a Bloomberg market minute. US stock index futures are little changed ahead of the August report on housing starts and the p five hundred yesterday saw its biggest gain in almost three weeks with tech stocks leading the way the SNP up sixteen points are one half of one percent at twenty nine. Oh four. The Dow jumped one hundred.

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