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Twenty nine thousand nine s looking like a busy year for the Orion union, the Ripon amenity elections, and possibly the small matter of the eased part of the UK's departure from the EU. Meanwhile, the specter of the so-called new right looms over the hell of fab. So it may be just the right moment to remind the continent of the European Union's ideals. The tests Wolfgang tillman's and ram coal house recruited a group of branding experts to launch a creative communications strategy could rebrand restore confidence in the European project. For the latest issue of monocle magazine. We canvassed participants at the your lab workshop of the forum on European culture in Amsterdam. My name is Yuli, albeit I'm the director of cultural center for the arts. The Bali in. I'm Salaam one of the two curator's forum on European culture. Your lap is an artist centered jam session with pictures images and pictures, and we invited created from all over Europe. Under the umbrella of, I would say two of the greatest creatives of Europe ram Kohlhaas and both concealments to really dive into the whole ID problem, possibility of how to tell what Europe and European cultures about Europe is a civilization. It's not a bunch of petitions. It's not the interest of the banks and big business. It's of course about every citizen to five hundred million citizens we have, but it's defined by culture. So we did a deep dive into what culture is and how to convey that culture to our population and to. To to be able to celebrate the success of that amazing social experience, which is experiments and experience which you're viz. I'm Daria lurk. I'm from Germany, and I'm an interaction. He's I know there wasn't really like a constraint brief or like a framework in the beginning. Instead we would just sit and listen and discuss, and we kept this openness and over time. Then obviously we have to close close it down a bit. But in the end we basically had redeems that we want to work on one more talking about, basically trying to create awareness about the European parliament election next year. The other one was about flaws the imperfection of the European Union, and that we should communicate and regarded as well. And the third one, that was my group voice about creating a foundation and thinking about how can we continue this project this initiative further on and kind of leverage the network that we already have and think of funding to do promotion marketing and kind of channel, our ideas and creations. Julianne some the creative director for roared a row which is chats rising agency, and we're specialized in social behavior. Change campaigns. There's like hundred fifty creatives into coming kind of background, so they're Archie. Tech's compulsive does designers, they're photographers, the great thing about your levels that they were really bring people together. So we met people from all over Europe, you know, and engaging your, that's where Europe's all about, you know, bringing people together and think that Europe left was a great example of this. And then we had to make really like an output that will actually resonate with the audience and really activate people to go vote or to even, you know, engage with the EU. But the biggest shell was how to engage people take the you for granite and the best way we can do it was to to to put it in historical perspective, you know, if you see like the late baby boomers and people in the forty fifties take you for granted. But if you really historic also the future, you could say that it's actually the grandparents who fought for it. It's a children, you know will live it and all they have to do is filtered. So we want great traction, you know? So my name is Flavia Kleiner. I'm the co president of operation liberal and I'm from Switzerland. So oppression. Liberal is a political movement. It was founded for years ago at to actually counter. This s foul paid Swiss People's Party, which actually is the biggest party in the Swiss parliament with thirty percent tried to defend the liberal order in Toronto and we. Basically do it's through campaigns..

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