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And then I got on the bumper cars, trying to get my shit together every slamming into intimate, and after that right, I just went back to the bus. The Big Long Yellow Bus I'd just stayed on their eating my lunch. My mother Dax me and at this point, it was like a tuna sandwich, so it had to be at least eighty degrees and was just sitting there like I. Just Want Day to be over. A lot of those Bert. I? A Lot? And then bill won the fight when I was a kid. There was a lot of losing to the losses. I had a lot of me saying something and some coming in just kicking my ass or nutting me up in front of everybody. I had plenty up and then I had I had A. I had a couple of Nice. Yeah! I took a nice one at rocky point. I took a nice one. was there was adults around? It was weird. It was sort of the middle of the week, so it wasn't a lot of people there, but that was enough people there to step in and people did not. No stepping in. L.! I'd rather be the guy that lost the fights than like I remember the guys that won the fights, their lives and the dude, the big bad ass dudes in high school. Their lives have never turned out well. Like it doesn't. There's no connective tissue with. Being able to beat everyone up and then just succeeding in life. I all those guys that beat the shit out of everyone or just kind of like losers now that knew. That's not the case where I'm from. My grade is like wildly successful like when I went back. For a reunion twenty fifth reunion, and then I also met a bunch of on the road. Every one of them has a job. It seems equally, if not more interesting I thought I was going to be like. You. Know a buddy my going like. Oh, yeah I heard about you when I was in the US. Rome! He was like working for like I. Don't know like the FBI I. Don't know what he was working. It was and I was listening to his stories like Gee. I just tell jokes. They all yeah lot of people own their own business businesses and a lot of 'em to you know. When knuckleheads! When I was a kid, did knuckleheads not being? They were down, but they were they definitely they had their fun. So A. Guy That my class, I follow him on Instagram. And Why do you follow me Instagram? Photo couple hate on instagram. Couple of guilty pleasures that I check in with. But I I don't root against them, but there's definitely When this the show within the Shell? On somebody's is what they're presenting everybody's buying and then you. You're laughing at the subtext of all of it. Yeah, I got a couple of those. I do I yeah I I find it fucking comical. There's a bunch of people follow, and then there's people I, don't I? Don't follow, but I go to their profile once week and check out what bullshit they've said. Just like us. Well, that's my I. Don't follow him either, but I check in like once every six months. When I'm on. I'm on the road in. This is what my goes when I go late night. On on Ebay it's like not on Ebay on the Internet I ended I always end up at Ebay but I I start off with like. I Watch old sports. You know been watching a bunch of old NFL stuff. which then? Me Shit when I was a kid. I start trying to find old commercials to when I was a kid and then old toys, and then I go on Ebay just to see if anybody has them and what they're going for like bikes that I wanted when I was a kid or shirts or old patriots gear I've found all of that shit. Light night then every once in a while I think about people I went to high school with I check up on him on facebook. They're all doing seem to be doing great. Which is cool? And then I start if I get really like lonely on the road I start Google Earth old houses I lived in. In seeing what's up the trees I used to climb what they look like. I'll Dude I. go down. I go down a fucking i. don't know what. What a radical! What, what you don't seem like someone gets caught up on in online drama like you just stay out of it totally. Yeah and I've had plenty of people say Shit. Because, you're not, it's not. You can't win any of this. No winning any of it. It's it's. On then then you're the fucking asshole, and then also like so much of a lot of it has also really helped my conspiracy theory, because like some of the conspiracy theory that people have come up with. With me. In the way I am now versus the way I was and how they time. My Wife intuited shit and I just set the goal like wow man, but you look at how they put it together, and it does make sense. Is Far as it is a here to here to here to here. It's just none of it is factual, but it all looks like it makes sense so i. just I stay out of. All of that and I said I avoid..

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