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This is the Paul finebaum show. Best of podcast. And we say Hello to you on a Tuesday lot going on today. Some really good gas a lot of interesting phone calls. Maybe even more than we had yesterday. But one thing that's caught my eye is coaching. Oh, talking about layers sitting out bowl games. Once again, this has become somewhat of an epidemic. Well, maybe not an epidemic, but it certainly widespread. Ed ores Ron does not like it. He's old fashioned. He says the team should come first. Fashioned thinking to team comes first. But you know, I definitely understand that you guys a possible top ten pick. Everybody situation's different. You know, gritties follow ready that those a family decision that he made. So not to go against a decision. Here's here's what I think has got to be in your heart. You gotta wanna be practicing for fifteen practice. You won't be detained. If you don't want to be here. Don't won't you around about bad at it. They'll do a do agree with it, not necessarily, but everybody's different understood a situation. So this has become a big topic of conversation in in college football. When you think about it? Do you think it's a good idea or do you think like coach, Ron, you know, it'd be a team, I sport. I don't know how very many of us can relate to the opportunity to make a lot of money and perhaps. Get ready for that versus hanging out with your team won last time. Or does it say something about some of these bowl games? Anyway, one of the topics that will discuss the show begins now..

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