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Worked coach. If the shots they I mean like it makes pippen looked terrible. I agree and and unlike I've heard it compared I read recently where someone on that bulletin compared to like Bill Buckner in one thousand nine hundred six letting the ball go between his legs. But that's an honest mistake on the field of play. Of course buckner going for the voice. That's one of those things went through his legs. This is pippen's choice not to go in so for him to compound that mistake all these years later and the documentary did a great job last night of building you up to think your comes pipping with Amir Culpa for him instead to say either done the same thing all over again is a really bad look and I would hope Scotty would reconsider that I take your take on. Espn RADIO AND ESPN news. Why why would Scotty reconsidered? I mean if he's going to if he turns around and says Oh yeah that was a pad look. That was a bad decision We're we're only going to continue to vilify him to even higher level for the decisions that he made a look. Frankly to me I will continue to say this. We are all speaking four and about Scotty Pippin. Like he doesn't have the ability to come out and say exactly what he wants to say. Exactly how he wants to say Scottie. Pippen has a problem with the way. He's being portrayed or if frankly cares what any of US think about the way. He's being portrayed. He works for us he works for. Espn good guy is Scottie. Pippen has any issue if he has any level of. Give a damn about what? We're all saying about Scotty. Pippin he can certainly call any of US myself included and get all the airtime he possibly wants so my biggest recommendation do all of this. We realized at some point that's got he's got one thing that we may not be able to put our thumb on as we look across the landscape of that era. He's got self confidence in who he is how he did it and the way he got it done. I take your take on. Espn RADIO ESPN news. We're asking you guys. What athletes do you WANNA see? Crossover play another sport. And what sport do you want to see him play triple eight say? Espn eight eight eight seven nine. Three seven seven six Allen in South Dakota. What do you got? What's your answer for this Alan? We got you once twice. I can't hear Allen so we'll go on from Alan go to Steven in Massachusetts Steven. What do you got? What's your take on the right man? Yeah get on ten. Tom Brady When he got drafted by the Expos in nineteen ninety five so you WANNA see Brady actively baseball no. It was just a thought. Like how are you? His career with Expos He said at the time he was better at baseball than football. Well I'm all in next. Take I'm Lyn for the concept of Tom Brady? Just getting on the mound. I don't think it would look pretty at this point I got to say. I don't think it will look pretty But maybe I'm wrong in Pittsburgh Tristan. What do you got? What's your take on who you WANNA see? Play another sport and what sport. Hey Jason I wanna see to Debbie uncloudy or Monta sweat to humongous freak athletes with really fast forty times. Four months sweat or five and cloudy. Go play rugby over in Australia and see them. Just blow people up as they're running past them with the ball. I think it would be an amazing spectacle to watch. Freak athletes like that defensive linemen that are normally in the trenches go over and actually be in the trenches in a different sport like that. Let's rugby I love that. Take on a two things that I can't get out of. My head is one how much bigger they would be than everybody at that spot and then to we just take for granted how these guys that are. Massive human beings still run forty yards faster than any of us ever could imagine. So keep your take. What athletes do you WANNA see? Crossover Play Different Sport. And what sport you want to see him play. Let's get creative. Triple eight say. Espn eight eight eight. Seven two nine three seven seven six. We'll get some more your take on that coming up but this guy pippen conversation continued. I Take Jackie Mac. Jackie macmullan joined. I take to to talk about the last dance and Scotties questionable decisions. It was one of the biggest mistakes of his career. It's something that has followed him everywhere he's gone but but I would push back. In this regard. He was a twenty something year old. Kid who immediately afterwards immediately after this happened when his teammates were shocked his coach people were in tears he was in tears himself.

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