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The dead pool cherry firm opinions and it's and it's it's a it is a pass that even the ringer would not go down wow we just turn it into a podcast that's what we usually do with with ideas if there's laughter surrounding the great i don't know what would you put in what would you put behind the ringer pay well i don't know that's that's pretty good i'm trying to think of a basketball thing that we don't already have on the ringer no it's just that the i mean the only thing that you would want withholding anything yeah i mean just the takes takes it or too strong or bizarre but bizarre even for like idiot or mainstream presentation stuff that would get us in trouble yeah it's like the ringer after dark that's a new that's a new vertical yeah we we've had it this is the press box on the ring podcast network the press box is the media podcast we are not allowed to claim the way back machine was hacked we bryan curtis david shoemaker of the ringer here is a mini ringer reading lists for your enjoyment how about victor luxton on the montgomery alabama new lynching memorial fantastic these really dany kelly's nfl draft grades justin vary on his old team the new orleans pelicans uhhuh from the david brian department david sean fantasies emergency podcast on vendors at fizzy war and me on the pelicans the loneliest newspaper beat in the nba even i've got three topics for you today i the white house correspondents association dinner and michelle wills monologue produce these super bowl of takes we offer the two best ones second bill cosby was convicted last week on three counts of sexual assault how the media set in motion the events that finally brought him to justice and finally new york sports talk legend mike francesa has a new job.

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