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Yeah. And I'll tell you what there is Nobody in their right mind right now by a commercial real estate. No, no, no. You're absolutely right about that, Jason. Thank you, man. I appreciate your call working for Jason jump in here at 51283605. You have to disagree with chasing on one point that because I have ah, very good friend who is in commercial real estate, and they are very optimistic about the future right now, and in that that realm of real estate, Sure. And Also experiencing some pretty good times. Right now it's going to look different, he said. That you know is changing. The face of it is changing the customers changing in the way the customers looking at it on their needs and everything, but but they're very optimistic about the future. People are still doing all kinds of projects, not just that, but they've got some projects going on downtown, but people are still taken advantage of They're doing some home projects to new kitchen's new problems. Things like that, like crazy, like crazy. In fact, Vann Ross and contracting folks, if you have got some remodeling you want done, for example, a kitchen or a bathroom or a bedroom. Or maybe you want to do your entire home or in addition to the home, Van Rawson is the way to go because listen, they used their own. Crews. That's kind of a rare thing. Believe it or not, with contractors. Ah lot of times. Yes, their contractor, but they contract with other contractors for various aspects of the job. I cabinetry or flooring or countertops or plumbing or whatever it may be. It's all Van Ross, and it doesn't work. That's how they guarantee the quality that guarantee the quality that way because they know what they're dealing with. They've been using the same crew members for a very, very long time who have been very loyal. The Van Ross and go their website Van Ross and contracting dot com Check out the quality I'm talking about is going to blow you away. It's Van Ross and 5122190399 van Rawson..

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