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Forty two AM Tony Paige back with yourself mother's day is. A little bit closer to go to Manhattan Vernon what's happening. Doing. All right. How are you? Telling that to to get. So I will say be mother's day to all those out there listening to Tony page show. And they to you tell me, and you family thing. Most likely going into two thousand twenty won't be leaving. Why? The Email that was sent to me today. I was so upset from this Email from New York Mets. Effective. Immediately may twentieth. Backpacks. Aband- really, you cannot bring a backpack into city you. The thing senior the reason why I'm so behind Tony out unless you know, this that I create different famine helmets real ones. If you ever go online, just right and the New York Mets Kula K O thrills Elliara from and and we do that pays you'll see a lot of fellows, come up with me. So you feel also at the booklet cyclones, so I sent throughout the naturalisation strong nasty letter regarding this new thing that the decided to do Facebook lines down from South Carolina. She the semi back Email, and she said, you know, they have a farm team down in South Carolina, and the Email came back fans a backing up the fans up here in New York. So they won't take. You can't bring a backpack and you had your helmet in the the farmers helmet into bag. That is correct. So it has a split screen. So one side is screen shows the Mets backpack with an x across it. This occurs. Drawstring shopping day hooping stuff in that makes no sense. And so I said camp person, I won't mention her name. She called me about this. And I said I'm not going back in two thousand twenty. Yucca. Forget that. So he was the first of all you'll know carry the helmet in a backpack. So she says well could have sent into something I said, no it has to be in a backpack. Affect can't walk. You know, what a shopping bag with the helmet the wave tremendous. Do. I get it from the fire department the way we'll just wearing if the game. Yes. Okay. Okay. So created five helmets different color homes for the these are real fun helmets and community four helmets for the Brooklyn cyclones different colors. So she was anything. The way I said depends. That's. Visability in that way. The most and say can't see putting something that's no. Because the backpacks carry the weight of the helmet. So. Fans come in from other teams. So she said we will have a truck throughout in and you can leave your bags in the truck. So I said, so you know, you've got thousands of fans back on how all those lockers. So she said, yeah, we know he's there, but we try to be courteous towards the fans that coming into visit that don't know about the role. Yeah. Banning the backpacks too many compartment. I. So that's it. Listen in two thousand twenty you keep the ban on. I'm not coming back. So she's coming to any of the games and said, no, I say only they'll come and get the free gifts. You wanna get the gifts? I wanna leave until they as long as you don't keep the ban on on that coming back. So I said I'm going to switch and become a Yankee fan. Go the Yankee Stadium. Backpacking there, Tom. Yes. Yes. So won't be able to be a mole, man. If you have another meeting, let me know. Tony our I bet. West out. And let's go to Kurt in Harrisburg PA Kirk join a fan. Hey, tony. How you doing? W perk into work. Talking. A love listening to you on the radio your baseball. Knowledge is great at a love the boxing. I love very few sports talk talk boxing's are really really. I want to tell you a little mother's day tale. Nineteen seventy we were very poor. But somehow my mom's scrape together enough money to send me to sports camps who and went to local sports camp for football at the local Catholic high school and a Wednesday a professional from the local football team in Maryland came up, and he taught us the mechanics of how to tell a football. And to this day. I've followed by Canucks to the T all the best quarterbacks ever since eighteen seventy pro the say way, I tell my wife, this is how you tell football watch this guy watch this guy mechanics say the character of the same that gentleman who came up for the local professional football team to teach me and others. How to throw a football was number nineteen from the Baltimore on a United. Nice. So I learned how to football from Johnny United. Thanks to my mom about the it's easy high top shoes two. Oh, no. Haired teens assert it was it was so nice. But all I'm I'm I'm nine years old. It's like, wow, I know this guy. Right. And it's just it was very simple very down to earth. And it was like tremendous and I learned and I still I'm a sixty years old. And I still throw really really well. And if you look at all the professionals and how they do it in the way they teach. He just figured out the perfect technique to do it. Right. Yeah. And that's all I want to say, thanks a lot. Love listening to you on radio man presents. Moms embassy, Johnny is not too bad. It's gonna end those down. He ends up. All right, man. What's going on? Good. I I wanted to say the states, he'll wife, and what's not a kids. Okay. And I wanna talk Mets time be twenty four stem this meeting with Rhody, Jeff. And Micky this was something that the Mets desperately need to go. In one in five minutes. Disastrous road trip was walk in San Diego. And yeah, I know that we beat the Marlins, but I need to see more for them to go five hundred nineteen too serious to me Tony that with the finder season is the dodgers out of west. And if they don't go three out of four or maybe a split, then I think our season is gonna be in trouble. What do you think? Yeah. I mean, beating up, you know, some five hundred teams that's great. You know, you gotta get the momentum going team learns about winning. But then you gotta pay big boys. And and if you know, if you're not beating them, then the wreckage hollow, you know, we've with thirty games. A five hundred against sub teams. And I mean, you know, sub five hundred teams we can't team to play that well against a good team. I mean, it's not a good team. Yep. Absolutely. And as far as the NBA, I know that the draft lottery is next week. And I always look forward to the to the lotteries 'cause I like to see who gets the number one pick or who gets to know something below that. But yeah, I was into the five hundred the Knicks. We'll get to five and I just think it's going to be a of disappointment next week. So I like to hear your thoughts. And thank you for your time. Tony. Yeah. It's it's it's a nice win last night against the ten and twenty eight Marlins. Okay. So that means you should be able to sweep them, right? But all these teams have you take two out of three three out of four. That's fine. But you know, it's okay. When you start playing teams with good records what they play off. What do you do sort of Franken Janka Frank you're on the fan? How are you? I'm going to have to make you the GM for today. Okay. Is my son. I would been arguing about the Yankees. All these guys come back. I need to know. What what would you do with all these players? Like, maybe when Hicks comes back. I don't forget about him. And he said what three thirty? Yeah. That's a good question. I mean, if everybody comes back this way. Got standing you got judge. You got Hicks. You got Gardner. You've got Frazier. You got mayb- in whom I leaving out. You got bird. You got Dini. You got LeMay, you pretentious. What are you gonna do? What these guys like they all come back. Are you putting and third base? Yeah. I mean right now, I leave him a DJ. Hope he gets hot and leave a show at at a third, but. You know, when Glenn Stanton comes back is he going to be a D H you'll be playing left field. He plays left field. What are you doing phrases phrase to the bench? And what do you do? And what do you do a gardener? Yeah. I mean, he's he's going to bench. And what do you do you know when he comes back and Torres shifts over the second the maze hit hitters. What are you gonna do with him? All star. What are you doing him? I have to play every day. That that's a that's an all star. I'll tell you what the Yankees got a bargain with that guy for two years twenty four million dollars. Oh, yeah. Just a star. He gets almost to every day. It seems like did you see the play? He made that he said that game. Then we'll play. Yeah. I mean that was absolutely retarded. But he thinks that play. Star. What do you do with Barbara Barbara what you comes back? I don't think birds coming by me, I'm a bird fan. But if unless voice hitting too, I think bird, you know, first, I don't I don't play is when you know, give me a timetable on him him him of all people. I don't know when you coming back. What are you? What are what are they gonna talk these place? What are you going to the may you when DVD's back, and and and and stands back and judges back? What are you going to do it? What are you gonna do? These guys sent him to the minors. You trade. I think they're going to have to move them to the bench and in the guy. Maybe I mean, maybe may not have a future you might just trade bait. I mean, he he's doing a good job. But we he's not gonna play. And you know, you don't you don't pinch it much in the American League. So I don't know how he plays. I mean, the Mayhew he's got to be the line. But what are you going to do? So you all of a sudden you trade indeedy. I mean, if you say. Tell you why he he's a better plan, horrors. D you know, the maze of. Yeah. Would you just not strike out that that's what they need that got pushed the ball in play every time and he's clutch. Yeah. I I don't have a clue I mean, because, you know, the, the the talk will be gone that outfield him, and they.

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