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The the first artist one comes could out handle today it's called the volks it's an older flower rhubarb we ill effects that's the mall full it yes yes it is that the beer as originally came out of abreu off we did against irving growl her back in the spring the yelled affaris a kind of like a little bit of a deal now in it's packed full of a rhubarb says got a really nice tart finished to it now a little a roman flavor to let me tell you bruin a rhubarb beer you know in in november is not a thing not an abundance of rhubarb november i bought out four cup foods in a lunch grocery store in the rosal area of all the rhubarb sir by rhubarb blake frozen river frozen who i suppose for pies something i guess i mean 'cause he'd be retried if you have rhubarb growing at your house and you're tired of that plant types literally impossible to get rid of it i ever by our plan at all and it gets kind of prehistoric large you on tend to it and it and if you decide you wanna lilac bush there something else and put a that plant out those those routes skilled deep into the earth third they're not impossible to get rid of so the rhubarb is it a sound see that kind of like buying dandelions most people try to get rid of it exactly we're really excited about the the new series of beers the next up after this the vote is the aco seats new england mango ipa age with cargo nineteen ten chicago had the world's exposition or world's fair when.

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