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Seven nine it's the with the kids one the the reason this one friends come to the school Christmas is a long it's much mistletoe this game Chris was they say that greetings and the sun will shine thank you that the you the you same day that reading back and do you may your world me filled with warmth and good cheer this holiday season we wish you enjoy filled Christmas from sunny one oh seven nine west Palm Beach is Christmas music station this is the only tradition Christmas music sunny one oh seven nine he just and the the thank the the chrysalis Russians lose I a special full still the that's true but I I news the I and this and it the and we've made our playlist inspected twice to make the holidays nice any one of seven nine is D. Christmas music station the but it Jen and bill for the morning show from our families to yours wishing you the very best holiday season now and I hope Santa Claus brings you everything that you asked for and then some and if not go by the day after the charges to Jim's account here's the number this is Joe thank you okay and throughs it tower Chris rob rain name and that means my the only thing he's and leave that room is teaching him in each time these we can back in the did yeah the the.

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