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Does seem like a very james bond kind of trade is in. You wouldn't think that if you open a briefcase. Tear gas is going to go off. You wouldn't think that the guys watch head this extraordinary ability to set off mines. So go ahead tell i that example because you could imagine where the germans are savvy enough to think. What if they've got secret messages in their coat buttons and then they just try to unscrew the typical way. And give up right there this button. Now or james bond style they would unscrew it. And if turned out if you unscrew it the wrong direction at explosives zion era and knocks you out. Yeah so these couple gadgets. We've just discussed are pretty reasonable. But a maybe aren't We have an email from patrick. What is the most scientifically improbable or impossible stunt in gadget in the james bond series. I have an idea. But he's lawyers us from yes. Goldfinger being sucked through the window of an airplane sure the prosthetic fingertips in diamonds are forever. Here's another one. Which i know has been called out But it really it really stay with me odd job the the villain who has the the hat with a razor blade brim and he throws the hat and chops off the head of a statue and then it kills the woman even though it shopped the statue it kills her without leaving any visible martin. My young friend. You have to read the book or it's not a razor decapitates. The statue geologically that like a geologist rock It hits the statue hard enough to know about way kids. It's just my life waste so then the thing is so massive and he is so strong can throw it with such force that he can Break somebody's neck at fifty meters or whatever. It is and source rehabilitated. The entire franchise also in the book is karate chopping bags of rice to build up tremendous calluses on his hands so that his hands are weapons of death and all this stuff. I don't know how many people are still listening but all of this stuff is just so cool. And and matt you've just crystallize it by talking about five minutes in the future. Like if only i had that ability you know and i of course as you all know my big Frisbee buff and former player. And would if only i could throw a frisbee with the same skill and lethal and this is the great question which is if you could have any one of the bond gadgets. Which one would you want. Is that your bill. Is that your choice. I think one of the cars well like is stupid as it is in the movie. The invisible aston martin would be hard to turn down. In so so testified. Tell everybody about the invisible car. So it's in dire another day. which is i think. Generally regarded as the worst bond film ever made. Its pierce brosnan's last. I think from two thousand two or three and john cleese's point q at this point and the behind. The car isn't altogether unheard of. It's that sort of thing with photosensitive cameras on one. Side projecting the image to the other side but it is done with such ability to make the car completely invisible including the glass and everything else. And so it's just a modern aston. Martin that can go invisible and it does. And it ends up looking like predator moving through the jungle and it's just it's too much sci-fi in your bond movies. Sometimes they mix it up too much they went. They went twenty years futures twenty years in five minutes into the future. What is that. let's say that's the most unrealistic bond thing. Yeah what's the most realistic bomb gadget. Well the the from russia with love attache case that just has it as practical as can be does really exist where you can press a button and a knife comes out. It's got some tear. Gas projects gold sovereigns hidden. And it's got a strip of gold sovereigns in it that got to be the most reasonable of all james. Your gold sovereign. I believe is just a gold coin. Almost like pirate booty. But it's the type of thing that i believe. They gave like the paratroopers. Indeed maybe something like that too so you could use it as currency anywhere you win if you were it was like euro. Yeah sh but once i hate are the ones that are so clearly reverse engineered for a plot point like the world is not enough pierce. Brosnan is given a jacket that inflates into a shelter bubble. and it's used specifically in an avalanche. But he didn't know he was going to be in an avalanche or just seem so contrived. Let's see we have another question. That i think is the probability and ridiculously of barn. Thanks we have a voicemail from john. Yes this i think matt please comment as we say on the other side okay. Hey bill and a from portland's here. I just wanted to ask you about the implications of having a handheld laser gun space battle in such close proximity earth as it occurs and raker is laser gun. Practical space weapon would happen if they shot at. Or how could this affect the somewhere. Thanks for taking my question whether you go. Oh yeah and i love the. He's worried about the ozone layer. I i really feel like we need to start there and work backward. Could james bond be harming the ozone. The question is all and michael lonsdale died he was the villain in that film moon. Moon-walker but you guys would know this better than i would does. A laser beam decay so could those laser beams not only home harm the ozone layer. But just go down to hit people and the surface of the earth. So probably not now if you are Tax payer in the us take heart that yes a giant coil. Weapon has been built coil carbon auction. I a- dean laser and this was mounted in a seven forty seven airplane and you would fly it up Pointed at the bad guys satellite and give it a you would somehow disable its antenna conclusions. What sounds like the plot of a bond film. Well it does and so There right now. All sorts of work is going on in statecraft to try to negotiate a new treat new treaties for space based weapons. So i think when when james bond was created by ian fleming after world war two there was of course tremendous concern about air power. But i don't think.

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