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WWE, Seth Rollins, Cari Sane discussed on Busted Open



But I did want to get into something that was news over the weekend, and it was being reported everywhere on fight for on se scoops on Wrestling Observer There's been a lot of talk bully and I'm sure you saw and you know. About the bucket bomb, it's something that we spoke about at length after the match between Karis. Sane. And NYAH JACKS AGO. We're we're car. Scene was injured from the buckle bomb and it now it seems from all reports that that is going to be another maneuver that is on the banned list with the wwe. Your thoughts because you've you've spoken a lot about the buckle bomb and we have seen injuries lately with the buckle bomb, obviously at Summer Sam within Ballard, Seth rollins. You know, use the buckle bomb. was injured. We saw with Seth rollins in sting where in essence it ended sting's career, using the buckle bomb, and then just seeing recently with Jax and Cari Sane. So what are you? What are your feelings on the reports about it? Being banned first of all? Do you think if that reports are true? It's the right decision or not. I I I put out a poll on the twitter machine last night, because I wanted to see how fans felt about this I said. Do you agree with the WWe banning the buckle bomb? Over thirteen thousand votes came in fifty seven percent agree with the banning forty three percent. Do not agree I look at that as kind of down the middle. Yes, a couple more people think that the move should be banned. Your question is entirely too broad because I can look at this from so many different perspectives, so do I agree with the wwe banning of the move well. Why are they banning the move? Because I guess their feelings. It's too dangerous. There's already a list of people who've gotten injured from it so now whether it's the fall of the the person that's taking it or the delivery of it. Do we need. Is it that big of a move that we need to have it in our arsenal if it's going to cause? Whether? It's the fault of the person giving it, or if it's the fault of the person taking it what one move in the past five years..

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