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This is green and the publisher telecom reseller and this is a special podcast for the cloud. Communications wants into your publications. And I have with me today. Daniel on your ski chief Technology Officer Telling Them AMEX DANIEL. Thank you for joining me. Thanks for this is I said a podcast in. We're we'RE GONNA be talking about telling telling dynamics and they are the sponsors of a special online virtual meaning that will be happening on. Wednesday may twenty seventh twelve o'clock eastern time for the cloud communications point. Cca The event is called talking to your customer security. You Technologies and new opportunities so Daniel I on behalf of a and everybody who will be ending the virtual conference thing for being a sponsor. You're very welcome our privilege and honor to the purpose of this cast as we'd like to learn more about television. Amex so first of all what is tell a dynamic. Amex is a premier wholesale telecom distributor. And we've been in business since nineteen eighty one. And we specialize in SIP phones fulfillment and distribution of popular brands. Like hailing polycom grand streams. Go Vice Know Panasonic and many more and we also distribute anything that goes along with the phone system. Install like headset switches. Routers gateways the conferencing. Ip paging equipment and we currently distribute three hundred underlines. You know it's very interesting that your company decided to join Cloud Communications Alliance. Why did a company that basically focuses on hardware decide to join the CPA a great question? you know. They makes history has been in telecommunications and so we have a strong history and understanding what systems and legacy integration and so with our specializing in telecommunications tedium and IPM point devices including headsets and phones and conferencing equipment. Like I said earlier it makes sense as legacy has moved into the cloud that the hardware should also be able to transition and so our our stance on being a hardware distribution partner with ca is to help those cloud partners have the hardware equipment that they need to help finish those installations. Let's take a closer look at that if your CCA if you're out there basically offering virtually service cloud working so on. Why should we choose a dynamic? We look at tallaght dynamics. A that's a great question. You know some of the key things that we look at just to give our our customers. Some value added features. We really do believe that the ease of ordering has made ourselves stand out from from our competitors and we feel. We have the best website in the industry that you can check pricing stock on hand place. Orders print invoices paying voices. Everything is at the customer fingertips And from that online website. There's a couple of other. Api integrations and blind drop shipping's that customers can take advantage of to to make sure that they can get that hardware needs to that end user to fulfill that telecom installation so in the first place you've made it real easy to do To do business to place orders and so on and then what I also heard is your company out of experience in the market. Yeah so like I said. We'VE BEEN IN BUSINESS. Nineteen eighty-one So the history this come with that Has Allowed us to not only know the products inside and out on the sales side but it also has a lot of over the years have a dedicated technical support group that gives first level and second level support on many of the top rents of product. We distribute now. When does that experience really come in Handy? And then that's what I want to understand. Is You know why is it? Different one company from another when someone's basically shipping a piece of artwork. Well of the ways that it can come in handy is is not just a pre sales and post sales support which we do have an offer but we also offer pre provisioning services for many of the IP phones and so if you're a CCA partner and you're deploying some in points to attach onto you hosted we could have those spun up and registered before the phones even leave our distribution warehouse so that you know when they arrive at your customers location. They come up ready to go. Registered configured labeled so the customer can easily take out of the packaging box. And they'll hey. This phone belongs to Maria extension one fourteen. So what I'm hearing. There is a real cost. Not just the cost of the unit is. There's also cost of labor if I can get really plug and play ready. The customer can maybe even plug it in on foreign south. That's gotTa save a lot of money for your partner. It does not just the money saved in labor but also the money saved in shipping. Most customers it previously would buy the equipment through distribution. They'd ship it to their office. They can figure it and they shift at a second time to that customer location. So we're we're essentially saving one direction of shipping and many times with your dedicated. Sales Rep at Tottenham Mix. You can get some free shipping programs that are tailored to you the individual customer so Daniel. You know Other options for shipping there are telling him ebonics. Warehouse is located in Austin Texas. So we're essentially located in the United States. We SHIFT SHAME. Day of five o'clock central. So if you place your orders that day it will ship that day until five o'clock central and Shipping options going from coast to coast. You can have it delivered next day. all the way to ground shipping which is usually three or four days transit From Austin Texas the remote corners of the United States. And if you are in the Austin area you can Pick up directly from our warehouse. Same Day there is even seemed options for some people. Lucky enough to be near. You know I was. You talked earlier in the podcast about the self serve options the efficiency of your online program in leading people Execute orders very quickly. But it's also a full search there is there's a an API integration. I might have mentioned earlier. In if you're interested in the API documentation we can set up your customer portal test credentials and your developers contest down. We have developers on staff that are ready to answer questions that you may have but in an show that allows you to receive orders from your portal and they directly import into our ERP portal. So that those can be facilitated quickly and efficiently without you having to lock into the website. Understand that you guys contain a blog beyond just understanding products but exploring maitree issues regarding quite communications. That's correct. We published a blog every Wednesday and the blog website is INFO dot dynamics dot com.

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