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Tell try. I can always try all violet <hes> violent. I've been with a man in a long time. We stopped having the sex in the eighties. <hes> g reassure really she's like today. She was like goddamn and i need a man and i'm going to go elsewhere elsewhere saint elsewhere if i can't find one so i thought you know you'd be a good man for don't worry about it man. I got you new no problem. They'd goes upstairs the new stairs and goes into newell posts. He's the old man's downstairs reading reading the paper avoiding the evitable. He hears all kinds of noises upstairs. It's like ronald eisley song. I heard some squeak as sound then and then takes her to task wasn't easy but i got the job done. He's like thanks a lot. Here's an extra twenty five dollars and she comes downstairs on stairs all like home looking all worn out. He's really taken it. I haven't seen that gleam in her eye. Since we went to the sock hop bye she believe we'll be under the bleachers that a sock hop yeah they high five and i'm the credits roll this plays and the credits roll yes fifty five and older wow now old people need love to what does manson's if here's a trucker in miles city montana place where we've been <hes> yes. We stopped a mile to get guess all right trucker. I'll climb into your cab and suck you off. Tell me which one and what stop here at this is all fucked up all right. It's all like written mike while this person's drunk maybe a woman. Maybe a man <hes>. I'll climb into your cabin. Suck you off. Tell me which one on and i'll stop <hes>. Stop your at with a dick pic and i'll be there in two minutes. Wow domino's fucking big state man. Dan wait wait a minute. We live in a world where i can texas person on craigslist and they'll be there in two minutes. Yeah that doesn't seem right. I'll do that right now because they live in montana. Yom exit eighteen. Let's say we'd see you're out of here. My exit twenty four way clock's ticking. I'm on my way and then a guy a truck carmont with monsanto but i'm not in a truck car and they're like war. I thought you were on a truck. I'm like well close and that's a honda.

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