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I know one of the teams is playing tonight's game because it's Thursday. So we have the JAG wires played the Tennessee Titans, which was a great game. I mean, I'm a big Henry fan. I like that Tennessee team. Neither injury bugs were there. And, of course, you just gotta love the JAG wires with their trailer park. You be That guy just plays Rico. I love Uncle Rico. I mean, he's fun to watch and he's good. I mean, that was a shootout. 2 32 33. I mean, it was a good game. I don't have actually didn't don't have anybody on either team this year last year. Well, that was a whole different If you're watching Commissioner for my first league, Alex, you messed up our keeper league. So Yeah, I lost my running back. But anyways, I made up for it. I picked up my givens. I'm happy. I have my governs, but so we have that game. I liked it. I think the JAG wires or no joke. I think they're just playing a very tough conference. It's incredible team and the Titans. Well, they started figure out how to kick field goals again. And I won't make fun of that because we do have a goalie on the show who probably knows more about kicking anything than I do. And I'm not knocking anybody from. I can't kick it 10 yards through a field goal, so 43 with wind in game like conditions. I don't talk smack on field goal kicker's. I just couldn't believe that week one he missed so many That was, but he won the game winner. So I guess that's all batters right at the end of days, making the one that we I mean, to be honest, I felt like I felt like this week. One of the storylines was the kicking, You know, you say you saw Guys making big field goals. I think it was in the Kansas City game where that kicker had to make the same field go through your narrow Monday night game with the rate the Monday night game with the Raiders when you know the game's on the line, and he puts his kick her out there and, you know, guesthouse Key is that he's a Hall of Famer. So for him, Teo to have that type of night and bounce back the way that he did, and you know one of the things that's been for me. At least it's been fun about these first two weeks is I don't know if it's there's no crowd. I don't know if it's because the defense's aren't on the same page or what. But there have been some high score in games and, you know, especially an NFL. That's fun Football to watch. It is true. I mean, and then we'll go to the next game. Which you two were very friendly with the Buccaneers coming it. Will you guys welcomed to your house? The Panthers minus Cam Newton and the Bucks. In their second game with TV and drunk and that cast of amazing talent and you guys didn't disappoint. Came out the gate. Brady look good. I mean, he's still learning an offense. It's not something overnight. I know everybody is like after week one because Brady didn't have a Brady game. It's a whole new system. It doesn't matter. They didn't have a preseason there. O th He looked great again this week. I mean, he looks like Brady. I'm never gonna dog the guy. I don't care how many picks guy goes out. Lights it up. It's Mike Evans, who's on my team. I get good points off of that. He looks good. But my question for you Tampa fans Drunk. We all kind of count on drunk. But last week he hit O. J. Howard a lot. O J had a belief I've grabs and a TV. This week. Less grabs doesn't look for his tight ends. I mean, he does have for net who's got wheels, which I'm still shocked the Jags. Let that guy go off course. Mike Evans, but Gronk drunks, not even seeing any action. I mean, drunks don't even getting looked at, so it's gonna be interesting. Hopefully they're saving Gronk openly. Grant has a grand game. We need to see a grog spike needs to have. Yeah, I think so. Right? I think there's seven for the play offs. To be honest with you blocking No, it's a real campus already playoff bound and Dave, I don't know about you. Is that a radio jersey underneath there's I mean, I always thought Raider fans were celebrating. No. So I'm just saying, Man, I think we're saving them for later in the season when we need him. No sense Ron at the whole playbook. Gronkowski is a great player. He's cheer point. He's totally learning the offense in after being a professional wrestler for a year. He's got to get back in football shaped the way I lost £40. He did No. Come on, man, Plus £40. So that's what I think. I think they need that into that point. I think by week five he's going to start lighting up this this scoreboard with some Gronkowski stuff, but so far he's not football shape yet. He'd sent out of the year and a half and he hurt his elbow. He's skinnier. He's not in shape. I think he's coming back. And really they are saving for living here, whether it's playoffs or not. Later in the year, Jeff what do you say that Mr Tampa? I mean, it'll definitely be playoffs. But so for me, I think that you know you're looking at this Buck's team. We're looking at this Buck's team and and weak one. The storyline was the matter hits that Brady was taken right. He was under a lot of pressure. The tight ends. We're getting a lot of targets. O. J. Howard had a big day. They looked at Karaca little bit more and you know, if you watch this week, they brought their tight ends in to help with the blocking, and I think that that's something that you know that's probably not on the ground is used to at the same time, you know, Gronk and Brady probably aren't used to outside of the Randy Moss team being on a team where they have the type of wide receivers that Have. So if you got to bring it if you've got to bring your superstar tight ends at tight ends in and you know, having about the old lines that Brady has a little bit more time while they're figuring out the offense, you know you got to do what you gotta do to get winds in the NFL, which isn't isn't always an easy thing. So hopefully the playbook. It's opened up because I think O. J. Howard and you know, grant. They're both great a catch, You know, catching passes and out of the 10 spot. But you know, if your if your quarterback of your franchise quarterback who's I think he's 43 Is getting hit all the time. You know he's not gonna live. He's not going to have the last the way that Jamie's did so use your tight ends the block right now to try to get your offense figured out. Since you haven't had that time and see what happens, Start grip it and rip it to these all pro wide receiver as you got. I love it. When we come back from the break, we're going to catch up. Talk more about sports. 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