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Being joined together to hip and this has been my argument uh for for a long time in behalf with on behalf of the athletes is everyone's in this together and the people who had the most to gain are the financial world and the universities and the out before ashley lasso everyone who was in the same room i i wasn't shocked i would only shocked at uh the day got him and then obviously the last the last line beyond what has sunk in the federal government involved which was not a the owed the entry of way enforcement they which is nothing other than uh of pretend thing that something actually is being done to go to really know what does happen on that level so that was my thing i was shocked by the enormity of it i was shocked by you know the federal government put their noses now yeah i'm not an attorney but the gist of this seems to be that uh adidas the huge sports apparel company is being accused of siphoning money to high school basketball players so that in order to get them to go to certain colleges or to use certain financial planners and with the hopes that these players would then turned into stars and then either when they were stars in college and then of course subsequently stars in professional basketball they would than uh endorsed these basketball players and these basketball players would wear adidas shoes and therefore that win help adidas sell basketball sneakers uh and what it's how one of the ways to seems to have changed to me over the years besides the actual the enormity of the dollars involves.

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