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Wasn't working yes. Let's go home enjoy Valentine's Day where you're worried about that later celebrity matchmaker. What type of advice do you have for your clients on Daylight Valentine's Day? Okay so I always say like whether you're single or whether you're with someone else right with your with someone else. Yes to acknowledge it Being single and Valentine's Day is great for business for me. But don't you know at the end of the day? It's just another day right so don't go off the deep end. If you're single. I mean have fun acknowledging. There's lots of love all around you whether it's romantic love or it's love with your your Dow powells or little kids all around you. But it's an exciting day to flirt and have fun right so you see an increase in clientele around this time of year because people are you there trying to find a Valentine's Day Saint Valentine's Day and they're single. Do they reach out to you or is it just like what do you do with that? Do you just basically like you said. Just tell everyone to just treat it as another day. Let's say someone's like let's. Let's give you an example. Let's say someone freshly in a relationship that maybe you set them up on. Do they come to you for Advice? And then you kind of tell them what they should be doing for Valentine's Day. Yeah yes I'll give you an example. Okay so I had client. That went out on a date last night with a new woman and W match and he for whatever reason okay but I think it has something to do with. You don't want to seem like it's desperate. He's desperate and his final Untied States. You can let my God. He must not be interested. I didn't hear back from them. So you know I'm rushing down the road and the car. Okay hope no police listening to this so I pull over and say look. It's Valentine's Day. She's a dynamo. She's your match even if you don't know it yet you need to text her now and he goes okay and I should ask her out and I'm like absolutely and you ask her out to have to acknowledge it. That's the first thing and that's what I tell my clients like don't let that go by and then as far as protocol do they get flowers chocolates to take him to a nice restaurant like what is kind of the advice that you typically like to give out to these types of people that are either starting a new relationship or hoping to start new relationship. We'll so I always say acknowledge. Okay so if you're starting relationships there's always like appropriate gifts for each point in time in a relationship so when it comes down to When it comes down to like a new relationship and you go out on a date with them. I mean you don't need to show it with a dozen roses right but you could show it with something appropriate something fun like this little kitty. Valentine's cards remember them. And I mean you can start with that box of chocolates throwing.

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