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Secret Societies


Would help them pursue their goal of Aryan supremacy. According to David Miot every human age destiny driven by a unique kind of a causal energy. He believed a nazi-inspired society was the future of Western civilization. However, my it taught that forces which he called Nazarene or Meiji and energies sought to halt the rise of this. Satanic. Rain. In short miot preached that Judeo Christian beliefs, democracy humanism man capitalism threatened the ultimate satanic destiny of Western civilization. For that reason, he argued that the rise of Fascism in the nineteen thirties was a good thing stating Nazi Germany was an expression of satanic spirit. It was a burst of Loucif fury in light of Zest and power. Though Fascism was ultimately defeated might believed it opened a gateway to the a causal world allowing for the emergence of Satanic Power. He taught his followers that practitioners of the sevenfold sinister way could harness that power and by performing their rituals and sorcery miot preach that ONA members could magically usher in a new version of Hitler's Third Reich. According to Owen Literature, it was at this point that a messiah like figure called vendex would appear on earth. After, his arrival ve index would usher in a series long period of Aryan rule power and prestige that he called the imperium at the end of this era of prosperity and progress he would lead humanity of planet earth and help them to colonize the solar system. For the members of the order of nine angles, intergalactic domination represented the final and dramatic triumph of Evil Satanic. Virtue. However, as they waited for indexes arrival miot encouraged. Initiates to prepare for this final era by committing grievous crimes judging by the violence instigated by Owen extremis over the last decade members are taking miot suggestion very seriously.

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