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Mean if they wouldn't take up a living wage. Earn income earned income tax credit. then. There's you know. There's a and if it if the governor vetoed something that would have helped that tin forty nine, which is the funding mechanism for his own version of Medicaid expansion of something that would have helped hundreds of thousands of homes. There's reason to be skeptical that this will move anytime soon, so there's always time for mob legislation like representative McBride's. Measure that prohibits the state from doing business with companies that advocate boycotts, investments or sanctions of Israel. I mean that's A. Boy On that was at the forefront of I. Bet every coffee shop in Oklahoma was talking about. The somehow somehow we might be seen as disrespecting. Israel or not being supportive of our relationship with Israel. Are under the column of you know. How can we appease the Evangelical Right Wing? Right like we? We cannot help on the ties of Israel. We've also got to make it. Look like we really care about abortion. You know people cannot have abortions. They cannot slander Israel through failing to do business with I mean come on like. Really like. The divestments. Good Lord like. Is there anyone in Oklahoma who's even doing matt? I mean I'm not. They shouldn't because I. Probably I mean if I'm being honest I think you know development is a good thing. What the? But good Lord like. Of the two weeks that they were in session of the measures, they took up. Well isn't blood about. The whole of these guys wrap themselves not only in the flag, but they wrapping themselves in the Constitution. Isn't that Isn't that an individuals or companies right? Above a freedom of thought free speech. To say you know what we disagree with? You know I don't know how Israel treats the Palestinians or whatever the issue might be, and so we're going to invest our money elsewhere. Well anything like the. Institutions of higher education where the student body and faculty have have urged like their endowments to divest from these companies. I mean for crying out loud like first of all. That's just not something I. think Anyone's worrying about Oklahoma. as doing, but you're absolutely right I mean that that's a matter of what corporate speech in I mean. This is where they're really inconsistent. In their their political logic, right lake on the one hand you know it's all about local control on the other hand. No, not if you do that, you know the same thing with corporations like we have we have to basically Turner insides ourselves inside out here in Oklahoma so companies will like US income moved here, but yet no, no, no, not not not. If you're boycotting, divesting or sanctioning Israel I mean, is that going to be on? Now. Right like. You know like art in the Department of Commerce. They can put out a questionnaire like. Are You thinking about boycotting? Israel like. Really. You might bring billions of dollars of revenue in so many thousands of jobs to the state but own. WE DON'T WATCH A. I mean. They really are very good at cutting off their nose despite their face. But. Might Medicaid expansion right like like? Let's turn away. Won Area it's interesting to me the hospital association. Released their own study on the benefits of expansion so I'm a part of this in. So you know there are the advocates that have stood up for that are are really pushing for state question eight. Oh two expansion. You will see a slow release of here's all the reasons why it's good. So the Association released a study that they commissioned that showed just what would happen you know the economic impact to Oklahoma for expansion, so kind of an updated report thing from twenty thirteen, and it would bring they estimate. Thirty roughly thirty thousand jobs would come to the state of Oklahoma from would would be would be in. would be created Oklahoma from expansion, and then there's the economic boost. I'm working with policy. Institute right now. We're about to put out a paper that basically synthesizes. The vast body of literature that now exists ten years after the ACA passage after Medicaid expansion that shows there's really no downside there's really no downside. To expanding Medicaid and yet and yet. Governor. Did Not like the way, his version of expansion was funded, saying it was a one. One one time fending that is all the state budget ever is is one time funding. It's very different than saying. Something comes from a revolving fund, right or carryover fence, but to call this one hundred and thirty four million dollars pulled out of the the hot, the supplemental hospital fees. Hospitals agreed to. and this has been intense conversation between the hospitals in the state, because the hospitals vary much need this money. Are they very much need expansion to stay afloat and we've lost sewing hospitals in the state as a result of our failure to expand the Aston Years. When you ways you know. The governor literally turned away. Almost a billion dollars of direct money from the federal government because he said we would have to cover too many people now there's too many unemployed 's. In the state of Oklahoma, and it would cost us too much Really note it would save US money down the line, but he thinks the upfront costs are too much for something that he agreed to advocated for F- five short months ago. and so yeah, this is another instance we're gonNA cut off our nose to spite our face. We're not going to force you know. Hundreds of thousands of Oklahomans who are now newly unemployed losing employers based Insurance that is now going to be uncompensated care. Should they need it in Goto? Hospital or healthcare provider, but rather than providing away for those individuals to be insured for those healthcare providers to be reimbursed for their services. T turn that away. I mean that's what he did. So, and and you know I'm not sure that you can underestimate the influence of. Certain evangelicals, certain rails, elven jellicoe Christianity that to ignore the admonition to love your neighbor as yourself instead seem to believe. These folks who would tap into Medicaid. Are folks just need to pull themselves up by the bootstraps now? I'm not sure where that is in the Gospel the new. Testament I don. I. Do not remember ever hearing. She say I. Just you guys need to pull yourselves up. This is that. You know that reminds me of another piece of legislation which I didn't have on the list that. I put together before this, but. The legislature. Rammed through. A bill that. Prohibits businesses from being held liable for any spread of covid nineteen. You know that customers are others. Your Mile Edge in lawsuits. So all of a sudden you know and. We could be talking about you. Know workers out there who? Who are being put in harm's way unnecessarily by cavalier business owners who are pursuing. You know the the the all mighty dollar aid. But the legislature can ran that through. They can't. They can't seem to find a way to cover. People and improve the lot of health for people across the state, and for our medical facilities across the state, but they can sure find a way to make sure that you can't go to court if you've been wronged by..

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