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You know we're talking about doing this. Of course like a forty minute meeting. So i figured it was onto something that was one of those things a felt i needed to share and now the books been downloaded. I also give away was on amazon. If you've got forty nine ninety five or the company's paying but i made it sharable as a pediatrics. One hundred ninety six pages so it's not exactly a new epoch and there's a lot in there but it's been downloaded that a quarter million times two hundred fifty thousand tonnes. It's really cool. That's an awesome that you have available and and we'll we'll share that link in the show notes to make sure that the wanted to get a look at it read it and Learn more about the matrix. Because i think i love the idea of you know how it really promotes. Collaboration promotes that holistic view of those. We serve our customers our audience. Whatever it might be and then and making sure that everybody's thinking about it the same way working together because at the end of the day. That's that's worth. The challenge is often lie that the siloed way which many organisations were a joke high. Not just to to connect on the huge huge joe pine stand my appreciation for his work actually goes back to before the customer economy it written mass customisation and mass customization was it. There's a hammer book part of that. But there was this whole movement about what's going to happen as technology becomes more capable than i'm unable to personalize and customize each product. I have which now it's morphed into each experience. And then i think the product and the the experience are all also in morphine as well and joe actually did a the early read on the on customer worthy. When i was putting together i was also very influenced by by the customer economy and then infinite possibilities. I referenced just about at least every day. The hall metaphors concept. I won't give people a headache about that. Great we love it when we can connect our guests across episodes in that. That's really cool. Love joe and From those who haven't listened. That's in a previous episode episode ten great interview with joe pine about the experience economy to michael blitz. Customer worthy and the matrix has has been around for a few years. But it's it's timeless. It's been it value in. Simplicity and focus has been shown. But we're in this space right. We're recording this. Mid december twenty twenty. Where at the end of a tumultuous year and as we speak the first vaccines for covid nineteen have been in a few people have gotten the pokes in that's gonna move us into a different world. We don't know exactly what that is in twenty twenty one but it's it's Hopefully we get some points of consistency. But how do you advise. Customer experience in marketing leaders As we transition from this pandemic era of uncertainty to the post pandemic era. But what would you recommend people really look at yet it's Yeah i mean this. Obviously this all unprecedented right. it's and the change. That took place took place so immediately when ovid started and People really without those told. Oh you can't go office tomorrow. And frankly was a science fiction movie that nobody would believe whatever release could happen. You can't go into your office but you still have to work on by the way if you have school age children..

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