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They like their dumb leno. Yeah well you know it's funny. It's funny to me. Like i love it. I love it. A red flag in the dating world is if you enjoy the humor of go. I know it's not if you won't get a vaccine or not if you like. Oh yeah yeah. That fills me with delight and i say i think my wife is in check. I know my wife is like she'd be like yeah. That would be a red flag if she ever leaves me and is like out in the world dating yourself either. So you guys would just exactly. I'm not a fan of mine. So we marianne. I have a question. Have you ever gone on a date. Who has watched the video about you talking about them before you got together like hey i saw what you said about me not before i have. May i do date updates. Where i say in detail. Dram the date. What the day after the day. After the data's finished i will like give my followers and update and a man has seen that and he didn't let was good mortified. Can i ask you back in the day. They used to be this thing. Where in in like playboy magazine. What are your turn on and turn off. What would your turn offs be. What are the things you don't like that are red flags to you. Aside from of course the very normal if the date Despises conan o'brien. That's well that's that's a deal killer right there. But what are the things that you really don't like that show up on their profile or that you witnessed them do on profiles there. I think five big things like if you put this in your profile it means you have no personality. And that's if if you list the office if you list game of thrones if you list any opinion about pineapple pizza if you put hiking and if you put coffee those are the big things like if you include one of those key words. You're you're not an interesting person. Wow this is devastating for so many people listening everyone by all right now and you know what you're so specific and probably so right. What about photographs. Are there certain photographs. Rethink okay. i can't stand this person. Jim self is in pictures where a man is holding fish. So what's jesus wait a minute. I just realized my profile photo is me in holding holding a trout. Yeah actually curling it like a weight. Yeah i'm curling. Fortunately it's a very late trout..

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