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A popular effort to enhance border security, Brian cul, fidget, Miramar beach. Started a gofundme page this week to raise money for the wall on the Mexico border is already raised more than ten million dollars from one hundred thousand donors he writes that as a wounded vet who lost three limbs in Iraq. He feels deeply invested in making sure generations in the future have everything we have today. However, local congressman in north Florida. Matt gaetz says it's illegal for the government to accept money from go fund me, he says the donor should express their desire for border security in other ways. It's seven oh five in NewsRadio nine seventy WFL. A good morning. Stocks fell again yesterday and are now down a rough average of eight percent for the year selling increased yesterday which can be assigned. It's peaking big fund. Investors seem more threats to business than the Federal Reserve most economists in many businesses, do economists Jennifer Lea says though when you see triple digit declines in the Dow on a regular basis at some point, it starts, the impact consumer psychology. And Wall Street could cause a recession sooner recessions are part of the economic cycle. The hope is the next one will be a normal recession not in historic one. Like the last one Carnival Cruise line says bookings for this winter. Are up, but they can't raise their rates when they tried to do that bookings decline spending online. This holiday season may be up eighteen percent over a year ago. According to adobe, they say half of website traffic is coming from phones. But most people wait and actually make the purchase over a desktop, computer. And even those stores are said to be losing customers. Adobe says one reason online spending is so high is because people want to avoid the stores because they're so crowded. Tomorrow's expected to be the biggest spending day of the year for NewsRadio nine seventy WFL. A I'm Joe Connolly with a Bloomberg business up. Investigators.

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