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But now i like that. It is extremely coordinated You know being being the juggler on our team where it differs from sola q. I have to and it's also because we're in. I'm in i'm in silver. You know if. I'm if i'm playing solo q. I have to rely on myself to track. The enemy juggler. I have to rely on myself to basically track everyone. Oh you know. I don't see the support alistar in line. Did he back or is he roaming stuff like that. Where in the fives environment. You know. i've got my support yelling saying they're they're not turned out as raptors. You know. I don't have to be staring at my mini map the entire time to be checking wards even even though most of the time i am but it's still nice to have have other people that are trying to do it as well. You're more likely to catch it playing when all of you are in a voice call together setting for plays a lot better. I like the theory. Crafting of our drafts. I i know. I mentioned the the turn 'fiddlesticks earlier we haven't tried it yet. But that's something we wanna do. Yeah we just we can. We can play a lot of a lot of champions that we may not have the best win rates in solo q. On though if we get them into a comp that really works it's outstanding. Like bomo likes to play yasuo with diana. And i love to play diana jungle and if you look at my solo q. Win rate. I think it's like a forty percent win rate and solo q. So you you know someone that. And they're like. Oh his diana's probably not that good but if i'm playing it in a coordinated environment it's much better than playing solo keyword where you know someone might not follow up on your are your your midlander. Yasuko might not go and hit his multi-man alt- after you've gone in so there there's just it's it's a lot of small things Something that's actually made me curious to is i. I've noticed that you guys when you re watch your rods. 'cause you you and your team are pretty like vocal in the discord. I'm in your clash. Crude dish discord. I think that that's not the right one or it's it's in my personal one you are you are in there. Yeah no we every single game. We've played a part from. We had a match the tuesday before a patch so that next morning. Those fahd's were gone and we didn't think to record those granted we won. We won two. Oh and kind of ran over him but it still would have been nice to look over those but when every single scrim or match we have we'd review every single game. Yeah and do you guys listen to your voice comms as well heard someone talking about recording voice go bomo bomo..

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