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Of canceling the nonstop coverage of a lot of ability which was Texas good operation Peterson's wife I'm Nick junior show continues here on seven twenty WGN you know Steve Miller is one of the most proficiently horrible Reimers of lyrics in music history he's responsible for the for for the worst rhyme in music history now abracadabra I wanna reach out and grab you that's bad you know it's a bad run he is responsible for the stupidest rhyme it didn't take the money and run they went down to el Paso it ran into a great big Paso change the word hassle to have so so we could run it with el Paso my favorite rhyme in music history you are here and we're talking about magic we had a a really great mind reader here earlier who just freaked me out mark Toland is his name and he did some amazing stuff and you parts of it work I can you know he kind of had like a magic kind of feel to it it's a show so we want to talk more about magic like what.

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