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No. I've been listening to the podcast and I've been listening to both of it twice a week and then also recording with you guys by God. I I'm your overachiever so annoying. I just wanna make sure it's all everything sounds right and see what we. Far like to give myself like a gold star. But yeah, I mean between this, the second episode of week, the lady boxes annhilating show like it's like we actually worked together on. It's like the people at your office that you work with. They're like, we should get drinks on Friday and you're like. No, I love her after every one of our things that we did in New York, we're all just like, we're going to go do are out there wasn't even talk of, should we hang out, shall we go get dinner? We were like, we're kissing tomorrow, not even. It's not even in any of our minds that we. Absolutely. Are you ready for inspirational quote, though, I think not really, but okay. Backing up always does that in here. She's allergic something. She also fees sometimes on the rug in here. She is twice. So I'm watching her. Okay. Here we go. Are you ready from the little log? Yeah. Stop waiting for Friday. You really feel about Becker, stop waiting for Friday for summer for someone to fall in love with you for life. Happiness is cheap. When you stop waiting for it and make the most of the moment you are in now I disagree that really started off like it could be like a cool like metaphorical thing. And then it just dragged into some weird quote that I'm not sure alerts say. I feel like human experience is like like they always say, give yourself something always have something to look forward to. They say that like old people because it's like, then you just die. Something for to life is like that. It's like it's better having something to look too. So it's like, but I get it could also enjoy that is the day that you're in the day you're in, but that's like a, that's a haiku that's not a your carpet than diem of the day. You're of palatable Pailin drum kind of like race cars, you get a fresh micro blades? Yeah. Today. Good. Thank you. Sorry to interrupt that conversation left. Oh, let me see. So this part of my face is looking really good. Great. Thank you. I love lash, lift. I do too. Okay. That quote was k- cool. Okay. So we're going to go on the box. What is going on with Kelly? She's awesome. Choose them to be. No, I will tell you. Okay. Beca does orally destroy toys? Oh, she'd like destroys them after buy toys for like labrador retrievers. So that early doesn't destroy them. Callie big toy? Yeah, choke on it. So we get barked box. Yeah, and there's like three new big toys. Come in it every month. Kelly is like a murderer, and she liked gets in there and she wants to take them off this sweet woman. Where was I? I was in Philadelphia and I was shooting this thing in one of the lady fans came to the mall that I was filming. I gave me a present for Kelly was so sweet and it was like this pretty little Princess with like arms and a little too, too, and Kelly murdered that took the arms right off no arms. And I was gonna murder, and I was like not put little arms on a dog toy, but I think that's what makes the dog toy fund for them because it has to shape than they couldn't really like get into it, but it's, but now they're going to not going gonna take the arms off and swallow them and die orally. Does. Like take arms off. She goes for the squeaker. So her goal is to get the squeak rally. Yeah. Wants to rip the heart out like relations. She gets weaker out. It's over. It's over. She never touches the toy. I mean sometimes, but that's the goal like you're out. Yeah, it's crazy. Never thought of Orleans like a little murderer Kelly's definitely murders, twenty two, squirrel, and yeah, Yeah, I know. I know. Yeah, malaria, okay. When we come back, I'm Well, going to be. I'm going to be paying more. Backs..

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