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One of the most obvious ways your valued is in cold hard cash, which let's be honest, making money is pretty great. And what what's that line that Cardi says all right? Thales bid some sun. I like both. The ones that look like stats. I like born took it pool up robot. Solemn vow. So today, we're talking about the value of money having it getting it spending it saving it. We're going to hear from three women who learned about the value of a dollar in very different ways, author Roxane gay the venture capitalists Shizue head and our first guest, the comedian miss, Pat. The funny thing about money is how we value. It changes all the time. Right. Like, what does it even mean to have enough money? Let's talk about money. I got money to spend in here. So your family's rich. We're comfortable that is exactly what a super rich person would say. The only reason people are nice to me is because I have more money than God. Grateful pay the bills. We'd I'll be Bill Gates. So what do you want money every cent when a man gives you money, you give him control. It's just money, man woman. Who cares? It's fluid someone needs. It you give you need it tank. It I would feel better about giving me the money. If you went to a therapist you buy your two year old daughter eighty dollars shoes from France. And just giving me a hard time..

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