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Cold across the midwest. You're listening to ABC news. Good evening. I'm Brian Ford. Our top story problems with Oregon's recreational and medical marijuana programs could allow marijuana to get into the black market. A state audit has found. Several gaps auditor Steve Wynn says Oregon has a program that is opposed to prevent that in the recreational industry. Data errors in their tracking system that make it difficult to. Little version across the system. They added finds the Oregon Health authority does not have enough inspectors to adequately. Check the growers and producers they only check three percent of the sixty eight hundred grow sites and recommends consideration of moving the medical program under the Oregon liquor control commission, which regulates the recreational industry, I suspect accused in several porn during a Bank robberies has hit again Columbia Bank in south west seventy eighth and the Beaverton hillsdale highway was robbed this morning. The male suspect gave the teller note then fled with an undisclosed amount of money. Investigators are asking for help identifying the suspect you can see his photo at eleven ninety K X dot com. Police in the Portland area are learning how to detect and stop child sex trafficking. Seventy five hundred reports of it last year in the US allies arena rock with the National Center for missing and exploited. Children says there most often teenagers commonality that we see is born ability as far as these young people seem to be looking for that affection some of the risk factors include children run away. Those who are in foster care truancy behavioral changes, and if children have multiple cell phones, local police work with a special FBI task force to identify children who are victims of sex trafficking and to get them away from their captors. I'm Bradford NewsRadio eleven ninety K E X. I'm Patrick Karachi. And I may Ana Cortes. We're the host of red pilled America. A new storytelling podcast, red pilled..

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