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These photos were taken in complete darkness with the flash on. Some of these photos were taken just seconds apart, and some up to 15 minutes apart. These pictures don't seem to be of anything in particular. We don't really know the method to this madness. But it is clear from the photos that the girls were near some sort of ravine, and you can see that it is raining in a lot of them. Some of the most widely talked about photos include one of a twig with little plastic bags on it, and it's on top of a rock. Another one shows what looks like a backpack strap and a mirror on another rock. And there's one it looks like down a ravine and a lot of people think that they see a body. It's very, very hard to pick out, but a lot of people think they see it and with enough convincing, I guess I can see it too. Another photo shows what appears to be the back of Chris's head? This has been assumed based on hair color as Chris had strawberry blond hair and Lee San had dark brown hair. Some people think that the girls were trying to light their way through the wilderness with the cameras flash. And others think that they were trying to draw attention from someone nearby. I mentioned that one of the photos was of the back of Chris's head. You can find this photo and all of the other ones on the Internet. These photos have been very heavily analyzed. Now I am not telling you what to do, but if you can or you want to, I really think you should look up this photo while I'm talking about it. So you can see what I mean and you can have a visual. Because like damn, this is weird. So if you just type into your Google, Chris kremer's hair photo, it's Chris with a K, kremer's with a K, one M so if you have it pulled up and you're looking at the photo..

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