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Won three Superbowls to that you one. So let's talk about the two that you one. And that was the one that you're the MVP in Detroit and that was up against the Seahawks. And then you also had the one up against Arizona Cardinals or you're banged up a little bit. But we're still managed to get a few catches in the victory. Correct. I mean, it's nothing like planning your first Super Bowl remain. That's what you're a little kid and have an opportunity to to make plays in that game. And then win, and then becomes a ROY was like a dream. Come true was almost like it was surreal because I remember myself in the backyard playing football envisioned myself me that guy making a huge. To win the Super Bowl. So now to do it live and in person to win a Super Bowl finally have never wanted to have recip- ever been on. It's every sip. This gratify mess. What it's all about to come back in a couple of years later. Yes. I was banged up with a knee injury. Still the way that magma to San Antonio homes catching that ball on a corner. Just remarkable. Let me. And be a part of his development and growth is making a play the most man out super excited for him. For him to be named MVP. Got the same feeling. I have when I won the Super Bowl forty. So it was a great time. When you lose the big game. How long does it take for you not to think about I still think about it? Three. But you know, what it was a great game. Aaron Rodgers is on top. But he was on fire today. We ran into a buzzsaw when we first won the SuperBowl. Weird to number sixty. So it brings up a lot of members were replaced the Green Bay Packers. They would never succeed. So. It kind of deja vu all over, Dan. But we're on the negative side of it. But you know, I wish we we had the opportunity we we didn't play our best game in the Super Bowl. I really that's what it comes down to who. Can execute the best and who can go out there. Now, seize the moment, and it's crazy how one play can make a difference. Because I remember when you guys in one of your run to the Super Bowl. It was the buses last year. He had the fumble and bed made the tackle that tackles not made. You guys may not get to the Super Bowl. You probably don't no question about it. Could you imagine? How throne hall of fame career that he put together? In his last game. Be on a fumble. So everything worked out for the best guy was looking down on Zabi. And luckily, we got it back, and we went on the way to find a way to to Windsor. And I know you feel currently about the Steelers, and I know you're always rooting for them as we're talking to Hines ward Abbott when we had you back on in September. When the stuff was just starting up and went to a whole different level. You said you were embarrassed. She said that's not the Steelers culture, and I have to imagine it's the same feelings right now. Just he even in the worst way. No question about I mean for the Steelers not to make the playoffs with all the talent of the hat is rare. It is especially I mean 'cause that's what's accustomed to. That's the culture that the only organization, but are fans we expect to be in a position to play for a Super Bowl. But you know, it's not just all owned by AB though. I mean, yes. I'm not excuse his behaviour one bit. But I think coach Mike Tomlin he's in on it too. Just because you know, his whole motto is a standard is a standard. Well, the coaches that exists in Pittsburgh is not the standard of the Pittsburgh Steelers where we're not team is known for what they off the field. It's all about what we do on field Rothlisberger. Having a radio show where you're criticizing guys weekly radio show. It's not a good look when you wear that cap, then on your chest. Yeah. That Celia chess. You know, we always had a motto when I was playing keep my name is her mouth in the media. Don't talk about another man in the media because it this. He opened up a can of worms, and he just calls more distractions on that we say, we're a band of brothers via big brother come to me and tell me what I have fix or correct? Away from the media. All of our leaders, including the head coach had their hand in the cookie jar. And I think hopefully, they can all come together and get a resolution sit down like romance at figure out looking at each other and hold yourself accountable. If they can change things around how do you get Ben to change though, because that's a two time SuperBowl champion one of the greats. And it's tough to tell someone like that. What to do it is? I mean, but that's that's the nature that you created as a head coach, you do have some say, so what's your guys can do and say or policy Cozumel he sat Malcolm Butler down a guy who helped win a Super Bowl two years before. But being that he was late and he sat him down and biggest game of them. All and you look at the interviews that his player skit. That's a or close Avella very much. They don't criticize other people. Don't talk about injuries were. That's the difference. That's why the patriots seems a year and a year out of the show that size of consistency. Because this is comes down from the head coach trickle, in fact, the head coach treats it the players they go out. They execute it. And that's what it's all about. And that's what we don't have. It seems like you're saying Mike Tomlin has to give these players players a little bit more tough love to do got to pay the big bucks keep your team. And if there's not a true leader that's gonna step up and do it. Then that's what you're supposed to do. You gotta sit there. You can't give leeway to the best players. You know, you can't you haven't treat everyone the same everyone. Even though they're not the same. You're still gotta treat everyone the same to let them know that we're all held accountable for our actions. So Malcolm Butler guy who helped win the Super Bowl as he was late for meeting relatives sat Saddam down. That's what resume sorta hotel. I don't care. It. Don't matter who you are. Because he expects you. You'd better be home time you better. So what happened? I think coach Tomlin maybe he needs to. Crack that whip buckle down on some of the rules or regulation within our organization and get the guys buying into the team aspect. Here's right now. It's all about individuals. Do you still talk to Mike Tomlin, you still talk to Ben? I'll talk to them all the time. Maybe reach out from time to time. And those guys, you know, I don't really want to sit there and call them every bother them. So I'm always kind of extended my numbers. But when I'm there, and I visit Pittsburgh, I go to games always show the love. So hey, man. Do you keep doing your thing? But at end of the day, you guys have too much talent not to be in the play and more or less not to win the Super Bowls. They're all have a hand in the cookie jar without might take on ABC. And I think he's a tremendous story hardworking, and we all know what happened, but that changed, and maybe it's because jujubes getting some more touches now, and that could be a part of it. But I'm starting to not like the guy as much as I once did because it's.

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