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Billionaire they ask them what your child's favorite movie named to their friends because doesn't that shouldn't that be included in the picture of quote unquote success yeah i mean i think it would be hard to have all of it i mean i don't have children my husband and i really interested in having kids but this is like my thing i know my time onto my energy on and in some ways it's great i get to do a creed of job and make a good living at it which i do like but i can definitely see some of the parts of it that aren't necessarily good for me and ways that like my background kind of drive some of what i have going on as an adult in the perfectionism and wanting to make sure that all of our customers are happy even though intellectually i know some people just aren't going to be happy no matter how hard i try it's still there whenever i send meredith an email asking about you know what would our options be if we made this t shirt or if i created this product and within hours i get the most detailed researched response and i always think to myself when does she sleep i don't i mean i do but i probably don't see as much as i should desist take toll on your marriage and your friendships i don't know about that i mean i have friends and i do see them probably i don't know if i see my friends yearly when she nearly yeah i see them sometimes i don't know if i see my friends more or less than the average person i also lived in the la area and i know not if you're listening we'll get this los angeles area is very spread out metropolitan area so you.

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