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Even if they could win the division but if you can't beat Buffalo at home on Thanksgiving and you are the Owen five against winning teams to to me. That would remove any optimism that if they do sneak into the playoffs because philly falls apart that they can do anything bottom line is how they do in the playoffs. That's the bottom line back to first thing Spurs Lucas here Eric. Eric Mangini spending the holidays with coach. Regina being a big part of this show for two and a half years and for our friendship even if people watch the show. Don't believe Lieber friends we truly are. At least that was very sweet off. That was really want to follow up. Make me feel like hatsaw. Listen Martin we were non work friends. You know what I mean right in. My House for Party can't show up and so now we're just we're calling for a party takes. Thanks to coach. The ten in one niners have a tough task against the nine into Ravens. Sunday on Fossil Jackson stake in the NFL by storm. This season San Francisco's defense holding opponents to a league. Best two hundred and forty eight yards per game aim great defense against a great offense buckle up ravens safe year old. Thomas was asked. If this game is just a preview of what's to come it it It could be. Let's see We go.

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