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Kim stand where Terranova next hour here as we talk about intention do we know our intention originates Kim does it come from the brain or is it outside of the brain in the in the conscious world for example of the sub conscious world your question George thank you I have been around for thousands of years named all sorts of things when we activate them from our consciousness so where are we believe it's the best intentions are coming from right in the middle between our brain and our hearts because then they're keeping us in balance and then more in our spiritual technology of knowing where to fight just dance between my brain and my heart and my heart is going to be fueling the emotions and the feelings on that intention but my brain is going to be bringing you the blessings of clarity and keeping it based in qualities in moving forward so when we dance right in the middle they were living in balance and I feel like in this world that we should be out of balance it's part of it is the most important reason to live the life of intention is it's the fastest key to come back to in this practice I can stand down because I can activate them through every detail of my life there's no place that they could not be they could be everywhere it seems like Jesus practiced this a lot all right I would agree with that and I don't know there was called intention but I would absolutely agree with that there is a propelling energy forward Jesus practiced everything usually is I really enjoy teaching us the ability to importance of really being steeped in spiritual practice and when his intention to shield was Ames then it was the filled with an intention to to calm the storms with and then it was first sold so absolutely why this is been around for for all of our beyond your life so many lifetimes and that is a technology that when people say well wait a minute can I just knew if I know we've had access to this forever it's we now can choose to really activate it choice by choice conscious moment so that we are living a life that is everything we desire because we're doing it intentionally not just by default is there a higher power Kim involved in some of this I believe so absolutely because we're co creating and when all member George Wright said that Mexico part archery yeah thank you to assist that's where we're saying you know sure my aim I look at like a barn era when the the boat is the hires source consciousness god spirit whatever one calls it for themselves but that presence and power the error is our intention and when we get clear on our intention we could point the Erro and say my intention is to call forth divine help at home my intention is to double my income and my business whatever it is when we point enlightened go are let go is the place where we are knowing okay are hard part is taking that intention and for stealing it and we are we don't just sit and wait because that's not actively participating we're participating with inspired action because then the guidance cons work could be won't go here or do this but we must that's our spiritual technology really gets amplified because when listening to the divine guidance the most high to take us in the direction to the still that intention it's you know often someone I was actually done then I find it interesting that in the year you know I finished a book in the years that the fire king and I the way I he said that was my intention was set before that fire my intention was set this is going to get out into the world so when I let go I could not imagine how it would be done when I am in the midst of not having a place to live no clothes having to figure out where we're going and somehow that intention was already in motion I couldn't figure that out myself very near that intentions emotion we're gonna make sure that it is absolutely fulfilled in one of the hardest times in my life can we talk about how negativity is not part of intention but what about positivity it is very much one of the steps of intention created when we write clear intentions they they are stated in the positive and the parents were our extension is more energy flows if R. he stated in the negative worldwide languages so beautifully important then we're still creating but was creating what we don't want you so in the positive I have to give you this example because it's right on a plane to this I had a client come to me and he was he worked with me for some time and treatment center he was newly sober doing great and his next step was to want to stop smoking and he walked into my office and this is really so proud of me I'm writing my intentions now like you back you too and I go well yeah what is it my intention is to not smoke anymore and I I took the rack George is I sure didn't want his state I was very gentle because my brother gave me face to face can we talk about engine Terminix and I'm so happy you're writing one entry we talk about it and he said yes and I said because you have a negative smack in the middle of it and then you've got the word that you don't want to do so you're still listening to smoke it is and not so right there are questions you know to raise objections gonna get you slapped on the figure of the one is that correct version is to any listening here well wait a minute then what could it be and I said how about this how about my intention is to make choices that honor my body judge in the positive they're not injure it doesn't say what he doesn't watch it next it says when he walks two weeks ago Kim we did an intention experiment with Dylan McTaggart she was on the air with us to try to low down and slow down the corona virus and I think it's working I I I I think it's working because we did it as a worldwide but she wanted it to slow down specifically in this country and in New York City at the time which was out of control in the end I think things are slowing down no one might say well it was going to happen anyway but you know I think intention I think intention works we have tried intention experiments trying to move or slowdown hurricanes and that seems to have worked the one thing I have found out about this though is you need to be very specific in the intention because here's an example if you say I don't want the hurricane to hit Florida you might move it in if the smashes into Cuba or something correct so you got to be very careful it is do you find that to be the case so much so and I'm so happy you brought that up and yes when we are not specific we have to be specific and then again let go in the house so we have to be specific in what it is we're wishing for SSA that hurricane situation it is gaining temple for if it was our intention was to you know make sure hold on let me just think for a second judge absolutely great thank you for all those in the past and through Lisa energetic shield without hurting it's causing harm you know like something to do with our intention is to let go and to share the vibration I didn't hurricanes with out of harm's way so they were not directing what we wanted to move from there to there but we're directing that we want it gone so exactly what you're saying was meant to do with the corona virus you want to use your intention was to have ceiling heights correct yeah so it didn't they weren't going to be what is your impression so the clarity comes from yes this is where we're aiming for divine help in homeless right here for for New York to actually be listed in health and wholeness and all individuals who have what they need we were I love that you're doing that with her on your show we were doing that at exactly the same thing clear intentions for United this virus is absolutely calm down and out of it is gone indeed there's individuals that are stealing and everyone has on the next can the one to be as strong as the many that would be like what one person with intention versus what say a million people thinking of the same thing I mean it's always you know it's the beauty power and that message is always a beautiful thing and I never negate the power of one either so to me it's both it's absolutely but I don't want anyone to ever not do it thinking oh I need the masses one person can shift the masses because one person's intention if it's pure and loves built like what you're talking about young men were doing there then of course the masses are going to jump on board which is so beautiful so the masses intention is critical power yes and there still so much power in one powerful intentions can you teach somebody intention yes all the time every day so how do you start and how do you get somebody into that so I first are usually have people are already back on the practice of really being present and what they're grateful for where their attention is to start checking their their responses person's reaction so they're starting to gain tools I really had to become conscious of what they're precipitating in daily and when they when someone can observe themselves and being conscious of what they're participating in they can begin to see where they're creating things that maybe they don't watch and when I say well how bout now let's look at the power of intention because you can see where you're creating she don't want let's aim for what you do watch and about X. teach them how to you know who gets their intentions were out of expectation and when people start to realize that like whoa the fastest way to stay out of expectation and disappointment is to set bold intentions every day and then when I walk them through this three step process that they're always in the positive which we've already discussed there always in the present moment it's happening now the universe respond in this moment our powers in the present and then as we discussed that there are specific quality of what their desires and lots of times that'll check people out for a minute and so I give them lacking examples as we are tonight my intention is to call for the divine health grades simple example how long does it take so long to get somebody into that intentional group not long when I give them those three levels to remember in their writing and.

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