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Need poets unique photographers you need a little bit of everything and occasionally more than case frequently you can actually pull it off and the political entities that are often the final deciders in these cases will cave in when they get enough reason combination of good reason well buttressed arguments and political heat which can be generated by letters to the editor and public hearings and and and stories on tv and in the newspapers and all like this i mean we could go through one or two of the story in the book okay well they're all my favorites so it's hard to detroit to pick one and i wish i could have done it three times as long because there are lots of stories around but just for the for the heck of it let's go to hawaii you mentioned water the most of the rain in the islands falls on the eastern side where the storms hit first and then the mountains comb the moisture out of the clouds and drop it on the east side and east side of the mountains there were massive patchett tara field when captain cook arrived there in seventeen ninety two i think it was something like that he guests that there were two hundred thousand acres of terra growing and and flourishing and and tarot they make it boil the roots and make poison which is this purple very sticky fairly bland but very very nourishing good for you low in fat cetera chips now like potato chips yeah so anyway that was working pretty well when captain cook arise but but then the american sugar companies got interested in the islands because it was nice and warm but the places that were appropriate for growing sugar the central plains the.

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