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Smoothie cafe is proud to partner with the Atlanta Braves this season. Try the new Braves chop ical smoothie for just three dollars every Tuesday now. That's something to chop about. I'm Mike chilled stub USB. I'm WSB meteorologist Kirk Mellish with Taqwa dependable forecast for tonight, turning mostly clear, low sixty one sixty seven tomorrow, mostly to partly sunny, highs eighty eight to ninety two on Wednesday. A mix of sun and clouds, a thirty percent chance, isolated thunder shower afternoon or evening. High eighty eight Thursday, a mix of sun and clouds thirty percent chance that isolated thunderstorm. High eighty seven lows sixty nine eighty three degrees on Peachtree street at news, ninety five five AM seven fifty WSB. Depend on it, this hour of the Mark Arum show. Brought to you by Publix where shopping is a pleasure, Patrick Warburton, and you're listening to the marker show, who, by the way stole by Jesus fish. Agree. Of the. In case you're just joining us in eight on the Mark Arum, back sweat meter.

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