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Audio for nine zero. Hey It's Bernie Book on the twentieth of the second of Twenty twenty talking about audits that I need. I need an audit because of three things. Free Things I've Lost I. I've lost my three seven. One thousand focus started out the year. Saying I'll contact three people a day. Seven minute workout with Dylan. Write one thousand words a day. Haven't done those things regularly. GotTa gotTa kill that. So I'm going to go after the three people by focusing on folks that can make an impact. I'll go after Mid performer a low performer and a high performer. And anyone of my modules every day. That's what I'll do because I think it'll make an impact Dylan I. We're going to do seven minute. Workouts Right Dylan. Are you GONNA hold till down my feet so I can do my sit ups GonNa Count? The number of push ups that I do. We'll get back into the routine. We will the thousand word thing is something that really good about when I do it and I gotTa make that happen. I have to make that happen. Even if it's just a diary entry of a thousand words right also lost myself funding. So used fun stuff. Like Google one patriarch on web hosting on the back of stuff. That was in our current account. And I'm not doing that. I fell off the cliff. It was started by moving out moving house and doing a lot of of home repair buying equipment buying things that we needed everything from power power. Tools Dylan's pinwheels. Well I'm letting Dylan by penguins. Even though the last time he bought penguins they were too euro for four of them which is more than we normally spend. We look for them to be half that price or no more than one euro fifty four of them. We buy too many penalties. Because now it's happening is dillon. Doesn't just eating them but mom's eating them and so as MIA so the poor penguins. Which would last almost a week now rarely last more than two days are eight to get back some of that self funding to improve the current account. I need to do course development work where I am on the cloud digital campus. And they'll do that I finally. I've lost my daily recap. I used to be able to look ahead by a day or two to a calendar and then look at the stuff that happened on my handset and interact with those things. I haven't done that either. Really bugs me so making proper checklist tick off the things I need to do at night because if I push those things to the morning things like walking the dog. It's the way so do at night. Wrap up Successful Day with a checklist and then use that tick awfullest to plan. What I'm doing next day next planet forward. I think that's better for those who are inside the technical side amusing zoo mate six on instagram. Where my handle was top gold? You can see some of the setup. I gotta remember to do this regularly. So it's a zoom eight six with the M. S. H. Six mid side mudge on of am lining it out directly to spreaker studio which means I can publish directly onto the Internet with a big Old Mike or in this case. I'm Mike Capsule on the zoom out and simultaneously record on an ST card. Which I love. I'm Bernie I'm top Golden. Good social networks. You can hear me but just asking spotify for top go and audio and that was still in L. Help helping me helping me with the seven out of the three seven one thousand goal by for now..

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