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And Brian comes is here. We talked about this project in over the Rhine yesterday at Liberty and L'm big deal. Yep. And got the City Council and put on hold. Speaking in a couple of years ago, they approved plans for one part of this project, which would have been 80 apartments right there in liberty. L'm between Findlay Market in Washington Park. However, the plans have increased more than 300 units that would read for anywhere from 1400 to $2800 a month and yesterday council did not grant the zoning changes and the approvals that were needed for this project to go forward. The developers say they're disappointed. But they have a couple of weeks now where they can work with the city to try and address some of the concerns that have been raised about the project and come back for approval in two weeks. It's not clear what direction this is going to go with this point. The main issue has to do with taking away what people in the neighborhood say is affordable housing right now and bringing in More higher end apartments that could force more people they believe to leave the neighborhood. So department or 1200 to 261,428 120% of them would have been subsidized to some degree so that lower income people could live in them. They may now raise that the 30% getting some kind of subsidy. Tonto live there that may address the concerns of Cancel It sounded like the argument yesterday wasn't so much against this project but was for the city to set some kind of policy moving forward. About. You know the gentrification of the neighborhood about how many units they want for lower income people who already live there, and you know how many would be higher end and it sounded more of Philosophical argument that it did actually against this project. Specifically, that's why, instead of rejecting it, they just put it on pause for a couple of weeks. OK, coming up our news at 6 30. We'll talk about trying to get 100 million doses of the vaccine into people's arms over the next 100 days. That's the gold. The Biden administration details 15 minutes away. News Radio seven wlw Alright Hey, this is news and news to me. I did not know that covert had not worked its way into every county in the US until the last couple of days it took a year. Recovered 19 to get toe every county in America. How many counties do we have in America? It's uneven number. According to this, we have 3000 counties in America 3000. Last county to record infection was in Hawaii. Holloway will county, the smallest least populous county in the country. Quarantine was pretty much a way of life for people who live there. It's on the what Kalua Papa. Yeah, I've got the guy. Got it. Right. Kahlua, Papa Peninsula. Steep cliffs cut it off from the rest of the island, and the only land access is via mule trail. Wow. People with leprosy, now known as Hansen's disease, or exiled there from 18 66 to 1969 Wow. In the seventies. The current residents there included dozen Hansen's disease patients, The average age is 86. Talk about isolated. Why health officials said the county's first coronavirus case was reported in December. It was weeks after the case was reported in loving County, Texas, population 1 69. Resident who had tested negative in Honolulu tested positive after flying back to the county. Officials say the virus did not spread in the community because the person and others on the flight quarantined after arrival. So every single county hasn't least one case by now. The man the average age 86. The only way in or out is by mule or at least on a mule trail. I guess you could walk it. So we're there. 3000 counties never thought to look that up. Now we know It is 6 19. We have the traffic weather sports. Yes, we have that. Of course we have that Jay Ratliff ahead, too. Of running travel today or over the weekend. We got you covered 700 w well w Rest Hopper. It is time for today's teaching. This isn't going to take long is it if while building a house a carpenter strikes and nail that.

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