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Thank you who picks marianne over here welsh sorta has their you know what i'm just realizing right or no black people don't get go on no there wasn't harlem globetrotters or her they ever got there or herbie days yes there were black people have talked about run very special shirley there was there was the guy drove the truck in the one episode number the one we opened the world they went and drove the truck at delivered the beer so there's there's only look there were very special episodes of loss absolutely very special episodes of happy i we didn't have many white people on good times don't start complaining all right closely watched good times i haven't what x because auto white people were having good times we were trying to you weren't even born nobody watching just look at the window watching the folk grow who aren't you glad that we got through times to keeping your hair to water making wave a temporary lay good easy credits ripple scratch gutu hanging in job learn the duda duda duda too good.

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